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When you start to look for your new television set you will be confused and you will be amazed. All the television companies try and capture the eyes of the buyers, it is natural and normal, but the differences in quality and the price will be pretty significant, and if you want to get out of the shop with some money to spend on other things, you better start thinking of comparing hdtv’s, so you will buy the one that is appropriate for you and your budget.

The best thing to do is actually go to some shops that have a few hdtv sets placed and working on them, so you can start and actually looking at the picture they project and see what you like, and what you dislike. The good thing about making these kind of choices is that they are natural choices, you will go for what you like, and not what the sales person or the details specifications will try and tell you. It is very hard to argue with a sentence like “I just like that one better”.

Naturally I would not advise you to buy the HDTV in the first shop you walk into, unless they got some really impressive sale going on, try and compare not only prices but the actual TV and their quality as you see it. If the shop doesn’t have the high definition television working, ask if they can turn it on for you to see how it looks. Don’t be shy, they will make some nice money on your potential purchase.

Once you are in the shop you should be focus don really testing the hdtv, you should think about a few things, the amount of light in the room, the colors of the hdtv and the overall picture quality, the best thing to do is to start from the basic, the normal output of the television, you look at any of the regular TV channels to see how does the basic output looks like. The next step is to ask for a HDTV channel, so you can see how would that look, remember that this is what you are here for and try and spend at least a few minutes looking at the screen, do not rush or let the sales person change channels quickly.

The ultimate testing can be done using a high quality output source like a DVD, try and ask for a really good animation film, or a film with an action sequence (they always have those around the shop, it increases sales) and watch it on the hdtv, if the colors are shape and natural, and the brightness is good you can tell that you got something you like.

Don’t forget that when you test an HDTV in the shop it is nowhere close to the conditions you will have at home, the sound system and optimization will probably be less efficient, the room will not have as much light as a store has and there will be no sales person pushing you to buy next to you.

HDTV’s are the new television craze, you can see so much better and enjoy a high quality picture quality on many channels, find out how to move into the HDTV era and how to compare and High Definition TV's at


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