The Origin of Plantation Shutters


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When choosing new shutters as part of a home repair project you may be deciding whether looks or practicality are more important features for your home. You can stop worrying, because with plantation shutters you can have the very best of both. Plantation shutters can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. They were used both internally and externally in Greek architecture to provide a degree of both privacy and safety. Influences of Greek building styles, such as plantation shutters, can be seen throughout the western world.

Before it became commonplace to glaze windows, shutters were used instead to protect the interior of buildings from the elements and from intruders. They would be opened during the day for increased ventilation and to allow light into the property.

Greek influences were common in architecture in America throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is particularly evident in public buildings such as libraries, and government buildings. These influences were also evident in the great plantation mansions stretching from South Carolina to Mississippi. Plantation owners wanted the same combination of beauty and privacy that the Greeks had valued; they also saw the aesthetic benefits of this style of shutter. They were also interested in security, as these plantation areas were isolated and not well populated. Plantation mansions were often targeted by robbers due to their locations association with wealth and prosperity.

Now you understand a little about the origin of plantation shutters, you might be interested to learn how to choose the appropriate shutters for your property.

Ask the opinion of a carpenter if you are not sure whether your existing window structure will support the extra weight of hinged shutter panels. If you need to replace the framework of the window, the project could cost more than you anticipated. Also note that if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, plantation shutters may not provide the necessary level of protection and you should consider hurricane shutters.

Decide on the width of louver you require before you buy shutter panels. As well as the appearance, the louver size has an impact on the shutter’s functionality. The wider the louver, the greater the airflow into the room and the more light you will be able to let in.

You will need to consider which material you prefer for your shutters. Although wooden shutters are the traditional choice and can produce a cozier effect, they may not be suitable for humid climates or rooms where they are likely to come into contact with water and steam. For these locations you may decide to choose vinyl, which is also cheaper and easier to maintain than wood.

Your final decision is whether you need fixed or adjustable slats. Depending on the function of your shutters, moveable slats may not be necessary, for example if you are planning on having them open all day and only closing them at night. If you want the shutters closed during the day, adjustable slats are great for letting in air and some light.

Now you just need to find a quality supplier of plantation blinds, and reliable contractor, unless you intend to fit the shutters yourself. If you are, ensure you get good advice from your home store, or various online sources before you begin the task.

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