Pet Beds: The Facts


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A good dog bed or cat bed is an important item for any owner looking to pamper their pet. There’s a wide selection available to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Today’s pet beds are functional according to a pet’s needs and fashionable according to the owner’s taste.

Many beds are bought simply for necessity. In some cases, that necessity is the owner’s need to get the pet off their own bed. These beds are relatively cheap and easily replaceable. It’s no big loss if the dog or cat turns up their nose, soils it or even tears it apart. Many pets seem to react this way to any new item introduced into their territory, so the practical pet owner will want to get this type of bed. Breed size will also determine what type of bed. There are two basic kinds: pillow beds and nest beds. Pillow beds are large and flat and are ideal for big breeds that need room to stretch out. Nest beds have a wall around them and are much smaller, so they are great for small breeds of dog and cats that need to feel safe and secure.

Sometimes, an owner will go that extra mile (and an extra $100) to get their pet a luxury bed. These beds are also functional and sometimes are made to be as comfy as a human mattress. Many stores today offer the service of custom making a luxury bed that matches the owner’s home décor. Of course, the major drawback to this is the exorbitant cost. One should not look to buy a luxury bed unless one is ready to drop a few hundred dollars. Also, it should be remembered that pets will mark and destroy a luxury bed just as easily as a simple one, so one should think before purchasing.

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Pet Safe Heated Dog Beds Are a Senor Dogs Best Friend
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