How I Love Thee, Artificial Christmas Trees: Let Me Count The Ways


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There are several choices to be made with each coming year, one including which type of Christmas tree to put up. If you have been purchasing a real tree each season, you may be considering the financial conveniences related to artificial Christmas trees.

People have been enjoying the benefits of artificial Christmas trees throughout this past century, but never more than today. The new standard is to come with hinged branches and built in lights, extremely simple to assemble and put away after the holidays are over.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the first artificial Christmas trees were manufactured in Germany. Companies that specialized in brushes found it easy to create artificial Christmas trees with green dyed goose feathers, animal hair, plastic bristles, and wires branching off of large sticks.

Then in the 1950s and 60s, you could find models of artificial Christmas trees made of metals. The only problem is that the aluminum coated paper made these a dangerous fire hazard. In 2000, a flood of outdoor artificial Christmas trees hit the market, equipped with enameled steel wires and miniature lights.

Advantages are easy to note when you consider owning artificial Christmas trees as opposed to finding new ones each year. While you won’t have that fresh, piney scent, you will have a needle-free carpet and house. That vacuum will have a lot less work to do! And financially speaking, the purchase will only have to be made once, and will last you many years to come.

A smart shopper’s tip is to purchase artificial Christmas trees after the season has passed. You will find great deals and reduced prices, even up to half off, and you will all be set for next year.

Many people like the idea of silver tinsel branches or illuminated needles. You can find artificial Christmas trees to match your retro-modern décor, in bright pink or blue, and many other colors! Some will automatically come with blinking red, blue, yellow green or white lights. Then again, if you enjoy the traditional cedar or pine look, there are plenty artificial Christmas trees that will fool the naked eye, appearing just like the real thing!

Artificial Christmas trees are greatly beloved by many families, so why not give it a try? The worst thing that can happen is that you decide real ones are better. In that case, artificial Christmas trees make excellent gifts to people who live in apartments or who have a tight budget and aren’t planning on buying a tree at all. Either way, artificial Christmas trees will bring joy to your family or someone else’s! Which is what the season is all about.

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