Life with the Shih Tzu Part III


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In part II of this series of articles we started discussion about the Shih Tzu topknot. Follow the steps below to create a Shih Tzu topknot:

1. Take the hair for the topknot from above the nose and eye. Be careful to not draw up any beyond the outer corner of each eye or back of the ears. If the Shih Tzu’s head is small, take up less and make a narrow topknot. When you place a band be careful to not place it too tight. The skin can become sore and the Shih Tzu will most likely attempt to scratch it all out.

2. If the Shih Tzu is very heavily coated you may need to use more than one band to hold up the topknot.

After grooming your Shih Tzu sit back and enjoy the sight. The Shih Tzu is stunningly beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful right after a groom. Take your pictures quickly.

If you are careful about how you introduce grooming as well as how pleasant you make subsequent grooms your Shih Tzu will come to enjoy the attention.

And what about stain…. . well I do believe I have a method here that will help you tremendously in removing the yellowish stains from your Shih Tzu’s face. Follow the steps below and see if they work for you and your particular Shih Tzu:

1. Mix two cups corn starch with one cup boric acid.

2. Store the mixture in a container.

3. Use this mixture on the facial hair twice a day after washing and drying it.

4. Tie the facial hair into “ponytail" like sections with groomer bands.

5. Use a small cosmetic brush to brush on the mixture.

6. Bath your Shih Tzu every three days. Fifteen minutes before bathing, wet the face and put two tablespoons of #1 All Systems White Lightening on the facial hair. Work it in thoroughly. Do not get it into the eyes.

7. Allow the #1 All Systems White Lightening to remain on the facial hair for 15 minutes. Rinse very thoroughly.

8. Start bathing the Shih Tzu. Before shampooing the Shih Tzu’s body, shampoo the face with Biogroom or Ring 5 Whitening Shampoo. These two brands are tearless. The better choice is the #1 All Systems Professional Whitening Shampoo, but this shampoo is not tearless. If you think you might get the shampoo into your Shih Tzu’s eyes, use the tearless brands.

9. After one month or more the face should become very white.

Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy, that wonderful white face on your Shih Tzu!


Show dog Shih Tzu are bathed more frequently than one might think. Not only are most of them bathed weekly, whether they need it or not, show dogs are bathed before every show. So much washing surely takes out most of the natural oils from a Shih Tzu’s coat. They require much more use of conditioning products as well. The pet Shih Tzu needs to bath weekly if this is tolerable for his particular coat texture, but more preferably, bi-weekly would be a better schedule. Too much bathing will definitely dry out the skin. And of course you will want to bath your Shih Tzu in times of emergency like getting out in the rain and mud or snow, etc.

And so this concludes the series of Life with the Shih Tzu, which does require faithful brushing and grooming. Of course, life with the Shih Tzu has many more advantages and positive experiences. I just wanted to emphasize in this series of articles that grooming is of utmost importance in Life with the Shih Tzu.

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Author: Connie Limon. I raise Shih Tzu puppies in a variety of colors, but especially solid black, reds, and blues. We have the small AKC standards, imperials and teacups. Visit us online at and sign up for our newsletters.


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