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At some point all homeowners buy window coverings as part of a home building or remodeling project. At these times you probably pay more attention to the curtains themselves than the curtain rods. However, it might surprise you to realize the enormous variety of rods available, and the difference that selecting the right rod can make to the overall effect of your window dressing. Hanging a rod in the correct manner and finishing it well can also have an impact. You need to find out a little more about curtain rods before you begin your next window redesign task.

You are probably aware that there are three elements to a curtain rod. The pole is the part that the material hangs from, either on rings or directly in the case of tab top curtains. There are also finials which sit on the ends of the pole to prevent the curtains sliding off, and the brackets which secure the pole to the wall. Each of these elements can be solely functional, or they can include decorative features to enhance the look of the overall window feature.

A good choice for non standard sized windows is an extending pole. This is made of two hollow poles, one slightly narrower, which fit one inside the other. The pole can then be adjusted to the required length.

The finials can be a really extravagant and ornate feature if that complements your overall design. They can be made from a variety of substances, such as blown glass, carved wood, or wrought iron. You can update your finials at any time to change the whole look of the curtain rod. If your pole is wooden you can always paint it to ensure it matches or complements the finials.

Small functional brackets can easily be hidden behind the curtain pole, but if you want to make a feature of these, there are brackets available that will coordinate with your finials. Larger brackets with fixtures for two or more curtain poles can be bought. These are great for achieving a layered effect with your curtains. The inner pole being used for a sheer fabric, and the outer pole for a more traditional curtain. Layering your curtains not only looks great but can provide additional insulation and soundproofing as well. Be sure your brackets are designed to support the weight of more than one set of curtains, and that they are securely fastened into the wall with long enough screws.

When it comes to positioning your rod, it is largely a matter of personal taste. However there are some simple rules that can help you maximize the look of your windows. If you have high ceilings but fairly short windows, you will want to place the rod some distance above the top of your window. This will add length to your window pane and draw attention up to the high ceiling. In a similar way, narrow windows can be widened by using a longer pole than necessary. You will need extra wide curtains, or perhaps a number of panels to hide the wall on either side of the window.

Rods can be used away from the window as well. They are perfect for mounting a wall hanging or tapestry on a particularly ugly wall. If you have a large expanse of open wall space that a framed picture simply will not do justice to, a beautiful throw or piece of fabric, suspended from a curtain rod can give just the right effect. Next time you are decorating, pay more attention to your selection of curtain rod, you will be amazed at the effects you can achieve with a little imagination.

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