Is It Wise Taking Birth Control While Pregnant?


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I realize that many of us may wonder if taking birth control while pregnant would hurt the baby. First if you have accidentally took some birth control and found out that you are pregnant the baby should be alright especially in the beginning. I would let my doctor know at once so that he may check when I was in my next trimester to make sure there will be no birth defects. It has been found through studies that taking birth control while pregnant can lead to birth defects. Remember read the writing on the package as it tells you plainly not to take while pregnant. It would not do you any good anyway.

Please don’t be alarmed if you happen to be taking birth control while pregnant especially in the start of the pregnancy. A lot of women have made that mistake and had perfectly normal babies. Taking the pill only one time at the start of the pregnancy should not harm the baby. If you suspect that you are pregnant discontinue the pill right away. Then contact your doctor or a family client be tested right away. It is unlikely that the hormones will kill the fetus.

It is of course not healthy for the fetus for you to continue taking them for months or several weeks. Taking birth control while pregnant if kept on a continuous basis could cause birth defects and even cause a miscarriage. This is not a safe way to terminate a pregnancy. This could be very dangerous for you even life threatening. In the event that you need to terminate the baby go to a clinic and have a safe procedure if you are early on in your pregnancy it should not be hard to have the baby terminated by an abortion. Family clinics are there to help you and to advise you as well. Take advantage of their services before you make any rash decisions. Taking birth control pill may not always work in some cases unfortunately. It maybe necessary for you to be on the pill but if you find that you are taking birth control while pregnant immediately see your doctor.

No women intentionally would want to harm their baby by taking birth control while pregnant. It is not uncommon for birth defects to arise without the assistance of the wrong type of medication. Let us review a few defects that can harm the baby but can be avoided with proper care. Genital and urinary tract defects are common as one in ten babies. Show some abnormalities. Not all defects are serious and show no symptoms. Other malformations can be more serious causing urinary tract infections, pain, or kidney damage. Many of these defects can be detected at birth with the use of an ultrasound. Some of these abnormalities are inherited from the parents who have the disorder or carry the gene for it. The problem of birth defects can come from many different sources that are why a new mother-to-be needs to carefully watch her diet and especially watch any medication that she may have been prescribed to take. Taking birth control while pregnant is really not a wise decision for baby or mom.

Birth defects for your child are very serious and some can last a life time. Heart problems are the number one birth defect that we need to be made aware. In some cases heart problems are mild and hardly noticeable. In other cases heart disease can be very serious needing surgery, a pace maker, or other devices at a very early age. Heart problems as in other defects can be an inherited defect or poor health care and unfortunately it is not wise taking birth control while pregnant. It is very important that if you even suspect you maybe pregnant to discontinue taking the birth control, see your physician, be tested immediately, and follow your physician’s advice to the letter. I cannot stress enough to you that you should read the label on any medication you are taking. “Discontinue use if you become pregnant. " Normally all birth control medications have this warning on the medication. The FDA requires that the manufacturer place this label for the public to read and be made aware of dangers involved. So please it is not safe to be taking birth control while pregnant. A point that I hope all of you got while reading this article consult with your physician if you have any doubts or questions.

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