Have Yourself A Very Merry (Stress-Free) Christmas


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How will you remember Christmas? Will it be a time of wonderment, filled with love and memories to last a lifetime; or will those hectic (only 12 shopping days till Christmas) fill you with anxiety and stress? My plan is simple, keep it as stress free as possible, and saturate your days with the wonderment of the season. How? It's easy.

Take a moment and relax, right now, just for a moment, let your mind drift back to the carefree days of childhood. Its Christmas morning and your eyes pop open filled with expectation. You race down the stairs; your heart and mind open to the possibilities of the day. Presents, parents, food, friends, you're brimming with joy. You tear open that first present, a smile breaks across your face; you're surrounded by your family (possibly brothers and sisters) and love permeates. It's a beautiful memory and while the years may have flown by, and most of us now have jobs, our own children, and responsibilities, we can still greet the day and the season with expectation, not anxiety and stress.

The key is to let the spirit of Christmas rule, and not the complications that arise from planning the perfect meal or wading through the crowds to find THE perfect gift for that (hard to please) friend, in-law, or significant other. In a word, simplify.

Stop, look and listen.

Stop for a moment, be it morning, noon or night and listen to the sounds around you. Do you hear children playing, carols playing, or just the quiet harmony of an average day; whatever the sounds, take a moment to fully appreciate them. You may have heard the expression life is “made from moments"; make this a special moment to fully appreciate your life and the lives that surround you.

Christmas (and all the holidays) are a time for family, friends, and loved ones, with that in mind don't attempt everything yourself; not only is it not necessary, you'll be missing a time of camaraderie. Need help making that last batch of cookies, getting the eggnog ready, wrapping a gift, carving the turkey; ask a friend or family member to pitch-in. You'll find that most times they'll be eager to help. Then, and this is important; let them finish the project even if it's not perfect, or possibly done differently than you might have, it is being done with love and kindness, appreciate that fact and enjoy the moment.

Children and Christmas are synonymous, and with that comes the fact that children act their age. Think back and see the season through their eyes, it's akin to a fantasy of sights, lights and anticipation. There may be a time when they'll get rambunctious; and you'll need to ask them to tone it down, but take a breath first and let the spirit of Christmas dictate what you'll say.

Here's an important one, DO NOT go into debt to buy gifts. The spirit of the season is giving, not debt. And while you might feel good (at the moment), the anxiety and tension of bills in January will leave a long lasting bad taste. Pay cash, put it on lay-a-way, search eBay, visit yard sales, or buy something less expensive.

Is your house clean? I'll admit mine is a far cry from where I'd like it to be; as for entertaining guests, it's not even close. Am I worried? Not on your life, I'm planning to buy myself a stress-free Christmas; first on the list is a house cleaning by professionals, all while I'm getting a facial. Then I'll come home to a clean house, wearing a clean face; and I’m ready to tackle life head on. By the way, I'd planned for and saved for this extravagance, it's not going on my credit card.

Stay healthy. My philosophy of life is to “live it to the fullest", and I don't believe you can do that if you're stressed. So relax; drink some cocoa, have a glass of wine (in moderation of course), then take a walk. As you walk, enjoy the crispness of the air, smell the aromas of wood fires, or a neighbor baking cookies; bask in the glory of living.

Remember always the spirit of Christmas, it is not about stress.

June philosophy is about living life to the fullest! “The only guarantee we have is the day given us and I intend to make the most of it". June's writes for a variety of web sources, among these are her main site: www.wealthhealthsuccess.com and searchtheplanet.com


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