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As the fall season rapidly approaches, and the weather starts getting a little brisker, Thanksgiving comes more mind. True, in south Florida we do not have beautiful fall colors of leaves turning red and yellow. We do not start wearing jackets against the cold wind coming down from the arctic. People are more likely to go to the beach on Thanksgiving. Shorts and sun block are still our daily wear.

Some people ignore this day. Others think of it as a time to get together with family. Football plays a big part with many people on this day. For some, it marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season. I fall into the second category.

When I was divorced, and stayed in South Florida instead of going back to New York City, Thanksgiving became more important for me to celebrate because of my sons. Prior to that, it really did not matter to me. As my sons watched their friends get together with other family members on Thanksgiving, they began to feel very alone and basically forgotten. All of our relatives were up north. There were no family members to celebrate with. So I began to celebrate Thanksgiving for them. I would spend days cooking and preparing a feast. Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetables, cakes and pies, lots of pies, overflowed the table. True, as it was only the three of us, and most of the food became leftovers - but none of the pies. What I prepared did not matter. Having my sons feel important, did.

Over the years, this became our family tradition. No matter where I, or my sons, might be, we are together for Thanksgiving. They have taken over the preparation of food, but they still leave the baking of pies and cakes to me. They might laugh and say - ma you can’t cook for beans, but you sure can bake. Then they will bring up the one time I made a tuna noodle casserole that was so bad, even the dog refused to eat it. I might counter with instances they pulled while younger. All the good natured kidding is said with love, because it is not the meal that is important, it is being together that counts.

One year, after my sister had moved down to south Florida, we went to her home for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. My nieces had flown in for the holiday weekend and it was really wonderful with all of us together. The only thing was my sister had catered the traditional feast. Everything tasted fine, but when she pulled out the packages of food from the caterer, my sons and I just looked at each other. For us, the preparation is just as important and catering lessens the day. Since that time, she and her family come to us for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving dinner has changed over the years. There is still the traditional turkey, potatoes, vegetables, etc. We have ham, lasagna and shrimp, among other dishes now served. We also have a few more people. Aside from my sister and her family, we now have my grandchildren, and friends that join the three of us.

Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday to celebrate. It is a time of peace, and joy and love. The roots of family and family values are re-enforced. No matter what the following year might bring does not really matter, because the ties of love that bind us are made stronger.

Thanksgiving might be only one day a year, but each day I give thanks for having my sons in my life, and the love we share.

Athena Louise
My book - Psychics, Psychos and Positive energy will soon be available. My next book - The Path to Spirituality is almost completed.


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The Self-Indulgence of Thanksgiving
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