What Is A Laminate Countertop


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Laminate countertop material offers a highly decorative, strong and affordable option that is also easy to maintain. This material comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors that are sure to fit into any decorative theme that one might have. Since laminate countertops can be purchased ready-made or fabricated on-site, you are not bound with a lifelong decision when installing one. If you change your mind in the future, then a new pattern and color can be installed easily at a reasonable cost.

Laminate countertops are created from decorative paper that has been treated with resin and bonded together under high heat and pressure. This bonding process creates a strong moisture-resistant surface that is well suited for countertop applications. The laminate countertop also comes in different thickness to match the intended countertop application. Use the thickest variety of laminate for countertops that need to withstand high-impact usage. If you expect the countertop to be used as a decorative stain-resistant surface, a thin grade of laminate will suffice.

Cleaning a laminate countertop surface is fairly straightforward. For most stains, wiping the laminate surface with a damp cloth or a sponge with mild detergent will do the trick. Some stubborn stains will need a little scrubbing. Use a non-abrasive brush or pads to clean these stubborn stains as an abrasive scrubbing material could permanently dull and scratch the laminate countertop leaving it more susceptible to staining. Harsh chemical cleaning agents should also be avoided as they could damage the finish on the laminate countertop.

To help your laminate countertop last a long time, some care needs to be taken. Although the laminate surface is fairly strong, it can be scratched, chipped or cut. The edges are most vulnerable to chipping so keep this in mind when moving heavy objects on or around the laminate countertop. Always use a cutting board when using knives or sharp utensils on the laminate countertop to protect from scratches and cuts. The laminate countertop surface can also be scorched if high heat is applied onto it. To protect from heat damage, avoid placing hot pot and pans directly on the laminate countertop surface.

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Granite Countertop Prices - Probably Not What You Think Of
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