Outdoor Surveillance: How Important Is It


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Why is it important to set up an Outdoor Surveillance system? There are certainly many good reasons, like observing if any evil fellow looks around your property with more insistence than an occasional passer by would be expected to show.

Or for putting on the record the calls of unexpected visitors who may come to your home exactly when nobody is likely to be there.

Or even for taking pictures of careless drivers who may cause damage to the property by irresponsible behavior.

But the most important reason why one should install and operate such a system, in the opinion of many experts, is for deterrence of burglars and tramps. Given the choice, and unless it is widely known that a consistent loot is available inside, nobody would select as the object of his/her malicious exploits a spot under surveillance and monitoring. Better (for them) to look for easier preys.

This observation encourages the use of fake cameras whose only purpose is to give the impression that they represent the real thing, while in fact they build on deception.

In many cases they may just work as well most of times, but one can never be quite sure that once in a while a particularly clever observer will correctly interpret subtle hints, like a leaf on the lens or an occasional obstruction of the field of view to understand that it is not for real. In that case the deception fails.

Therefore, while a fake camera may be used as a temporary or additional low cost helping item, it should never be considered an acceptable substitute for a working surveillance system. If you appreciate your peace of mind, that is.

The value of surveillance systems has been proved many times, especially in public places and in banks, stores, gas stations etc. Police officers can find invaluable hints or proofs to solve criminal cases and apprehend suspects.

But a well conceived and built surveillance system may work well also for private houses or apartments. It can record the time of events and show what occurred in its field of view. It can also help to determine responsibility for certain facts.

Two cameras, one in full view and another possibly hidden, may be oriented to monitor each other. In this way any attempts to attack and interfere with proper functioning of the equipment could be documented and serve to foil more dangerous intrusions.

You have still a few choices, if color or black and white, if apt for night view with infrared invisible illumination, if simple or complex. We think that it may be worthwhile to build by oneself a simple system, and then with higher understanding to upgrade it as deemed necessary. In any case one should consider Outdoor Surveillance as an important part of your Home Security.

Elia Levi is a retired engineer. He built a website to assist with a step-by-step Guide to understand, design, select and set up, all by yourself the best and least expensive surveillance system for your home security. Read more on the subject of this article at www.1st-diy-home-surveillance-guide.com/Outdoor-surveillance-cameras.html


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