Scrapbooking Secrets For Better Memory Preservation

Lee Dobbins

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When you go to your nearest bookstore, you will most likely see a section allotted to scrap booking.

Before it was used for show and tell. Nowadays, scrap booking has become a hobby, primarily for preserving and documenting a memory one would like to keep just in case he or she gets Alzheimers.

Kidding aside, a number of people has joined the scrap booking bandwagon because it allows them to show people trinkets that may seem insignificant but in reality mean so much to them.

By the use of photographs and memorabilia, scrap booking is also a form of storytelling. Using this visual method, we all can be like Scheherazade in “Arabian Nights. ” After all, each one of us has stories to tell.

Because of the demand for people to try out scrap booking, multi-level marketing enterprises have encouraged this hobby. Scrap booking products have become a multi-billion dollar industry, therefore explaining why there are scrap-booking sections in your local bookstores.

In fact, scrappers or scrap bookers unite. They get together at their homes and exchange stories. They also share techniques and secrets in making a visually nice scrapbook. From sharing a social outlet, they also share something more which is their history. This makes a deep and profound connection among all of them.

Statistics show that scrap booking has become more popular than gold when it comes to hobbies. One in each for household plays golf. Whereas one in three households has someone having fun in scrap booking.

Scrap booking has become so popular that there are magazines, infomercials and shows focusing on the topic.

This hobby became a business in the late 90s. Scrappers opened their own stores which motivated more people to get hooked into the visual storytelling. Meanwhile, multi-level companies selling scrap booking products were booming. Home-based retailing also began.

Some companies provided the information women needed to go on their own manufacturing endeavors. Vendors stayed away from home-based market because of the fraud cases that were rooted from it. However, some women liked the idea of getting their products through home parties and work-shops. They decided to risk it and succeeded.

Before, it was difficult getting scrap booking products because there were hardly any suppliers. Nowadays, it is a cinch. In fact there are discount stores which sell their products in bulks at cheaper rates. Some major craft supply stores also stock the product. Local scrapbook stores are havens for enthusiastic scrappers.

A hobby becomes a serious endeavor. There are classes regarding scrap booking. Local scrapbook stores offer classes for the enthusiast. They teach scrappers where to get the best crops. Some can be ordered online while others can be directed to you by purchasing it from a home-based retailer. Multi-level directs sales company are also up to date and they know what is in and what is out when it comes to the scrap booking trend.

If you are a scrapper, your personal creations can be gifts to weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. It will mean more to the person you are giving the token to – because it came from your heart and you personally worked hard to finish it.

Now let's give you the scrapbooking 411.

The most important item you need once you're hooked into the hobby is the album. It can either be permanently bound or you can get one which allows you to insert pages just in case the situation calls for.

There are also mini albums and accordion style albums which can be folded out. Some opt for other containers such as CD cases, matchbooks and other smaller holders – just to be different.

The materials you need to get your scrapping project off the ground are background papers, photos, scissors, art pens and glues. If you want you can get other tools provided by the multi-level markets such as stamps, punches, stencils, inking tools, heat embossing tools and eyelet setters.

Then there are a number of accessories such as rub-ons, stickers, alphabet letters, buttons and ribbons.

Now if you are a modernized scrapper, you can also try digital scrapbooking. The advantage of this contemporary turn is that it is a cost-saver and it is more accessible on the internet. It is also easier because all you need is an image editing software.

Also, digital scrapbooking is not limited to digital storage. Scrappers trying out this digital technique can print their finished work and store it in their scrapbook albums. Others preserve it so that they can have their masterpieces as keepsakes.

Be it traditional or digital, give scrap booking a shot. You'll be keeping your memories fresh forever!

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