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Vacuum cleaners are a household necessity. Though these only became affordable to the middle class at the end of the Second World War, studies have shown that almost each home in the United States has one to help clean the home.

One company that has competed well with others in the market is Eureka. Though not many people know the old name, people are more familiar with Electrolux that is believed to capture 25% of the world’s household appliance market.

In some countries, Electrolux agents are sent house to house to conduct a free demonstration in the hopes that the customer will buy the product. The company considers this to be an excellent strategy since the other competitors mainly rely on having the product distributed in a store.

There have been a lot of improvements that people can find in buying a Eureka vacuum cleaner.

One, the user doesn’t need to buy replacement bags anymore when a lot of dirt has already been connected in the machine. This is because this has been replaced with a cup that can be taken out and the contents are thrown in the trash so this can be used again.

Next, the handle is looped and not straight that a lot of companies are still using. This new design allows the vacuum cleaner to be used by anyone regardless of age. This also provides better control allowing the person to use this in hard to reach places making sure all the dirt has be removed.

Another feature in the Eureka vacuum cleaner is that it has great suction power. Even if the machine bought only has a 3 or 8 amp motor, it is still able to do the same job done by a bigger and stronger appliance. This allows it to take away dirt, dust and animal hair wherever it may be.

Some machines tip over when this is pulled toward the user. The Eureka has also been tested which prevents this from happening.

Filters are still needed in the vacuum cleaner. Those on the Eureka can be brushed or washed a few times before the individual will have to buy a new one to replace it. Those who are concerned about the price don’t have to worry since it won’t cost an arm or a leg since this is just under $10.

If people want quality, the person should choose a brand that has served the consumer well through the years such as the vacuum cleaners produced by Eureka.

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