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Make sure that the baby bedding and crib for your new baby are safe

There will be plenty of people queuing up to give you their old nursery furniture and crib bedding when you are pregnant. I know that we belong to a throwaway society these days but there is something about our baby things that makes us want to hold on to them. Be grateful for these offerings because babies are an expensive business but make sure it's all safe before you use it.

Is it a cot, cradle or crib?

There is a special something about your baby’s first bed, whether it's a Moses basket or a crib (cot or cradle in the US) or a cot (US – crib). You can spend many hours lovingly re-lining and making drapes for a cradle that you've been given and you can check whether it's safe for baby at the same time.

Checking baby bedding and crib for safety

If your cradle was made of wicker make sure that there are no broken or loose bits of wood and that all the joints are tight. You will probably need to replace the mattress because that's the one thing that may not have survived very well. When fitting the drapes make sure that there are no loose threads or pieces of material that the baby might grab a hold of and shove into their mouth.

Buy new bedding for crib if you can

Most organisations that are concerned with the safety of baby furniture, such as the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association in the USA and British Standards in the UK say that you should buy new furniture and bedding if it's possible. The products displaying either the JPMA seal of approval or the BS ‘Kite’ mark, have been tested that they meet all the appropriate safety requirements.

Personally I see nothing wrong with hand-me-downs as long as you check them properly for safety. After all it isn't very ecologically friendly to discard perfectly good furniture and baby crib bedding. There are some checks you can do on cribs, to ensure that your baby is safe and happy. Hopefully the baby will spend a lot of time on it's own in the crib so it's worth spending some time looking it over.

Baby bedding crib safety checklist

Here are a few points to remember when checking your baby equipment for safety:

  • Make sure there is no chipped, loose or toxic lead paint.
  • To stop baby's head from getting between the bars of the crib make sure that the bars are closer than 2 and 3/8 inches apart.
  • The header and footer boards of the crib should be solid with no holes for baby to get into trouble with. Make sure that there are no posts to catch baby's clothes on.
  • Tight joints and fixings will prevent the crib from wobbling.
  • Make sure that the side rail raising and lowering mechanism of the crib can be managed with one hand and is fully secure when raised.
  • Ensure that the top of the side rail is at least 22 inches above the crib mattress.
  • The mattress should be firm and clean. I think that I would always buy a new mattress for a new baby. Make sure that it fits snugly in the crib.
  • All bedding must conform to the fire safety regulations.
  • Make sure that bumper strings are hidden and secure.
  • Bedding for cribs: Never use duvets, quilts, sheepskin or pillows for babies under 12 months old as they can overheat. Use a combination of sheets and blankets and place a thermometer in the room.
  • Never put the crib next to cords, lamps, window blinds/curtains, or furniture that the baby could climb. You will be surprised at how well they can climb.

Have a safe, wonderful and fun time with your baby and remember that they grow up quickly.

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