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Shoes cabinet or shoes closet are specialized closets meant to store shoes. They can provide an elegant solution to storing footwear in a home by hiding away the shoes from view and also serving as decoration. Shoes closets are normally located near the main door of a house as it is regarded to be the most logical place for shoes to be. You can also build shoes closet as part of your closet organizer system or walk-in closet. If you own many pairs of shoes, then a walk-in shoes closet could be an option.

A shoes closet can be as simple as a few racks to put shoes on. This solution is practical if you set it inside a coat closet that can normally be found as part of the house. If you have a lot of shoes or if many people live under one roof, then a shoes rack might run out of space quite quickly. You could get a taller shoe rack but this will eat into the space meant for hanging coats if you put the shoes rack in the coat closet. A better option is to get a shoes closet.

There are many types of shoes closet available to cater for different needs. You can get a shoes closet that works just like an ordinary closet with multiple shelves creating multiple storage space for shoes. Closets can be as wide as you want it to be but they are usually an inch or two longer than a shoe in terms of closet depth. This could pose a problem if you have little space to spare or if you have big feet. To address this problem, shoes closet designers have come up with the drop down door solution. With this shoe closet solution, the depth of the closet can be reduced as the shoes are arranged at an angle. This arrangement also grants more space for bigger shoes because it provides more depth due to the angle.

If a corner of the house is all that you can spare for storing shoes, then maybe a rotating shoes closet might provide you the solution that you are looking for. This closet type is normally custom built to fit in snugly with the corner space.

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