Free Hanukkah Party Games and Decoration Ideas

Gail Leino

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For this year’s Hanukkah party you can play the ‘Don’t Say that Word’ game. This is fun game that can be played at just about any home or office party. You will get small stickers and stick one on each guest as he or she arrives to your party. When everyone has arrived at the party you make the announcement that from here on out at the party guests must avoid saying a certain word. It will be need to be a word that’s expected to be said at some point during the evening. Then the guests must listen carefully to each other when they are having conversations. If someone mistakenly says the forbidden word and another person notices that person can take the sticker from the person who said the forbidden word and stick it on themselves. At the end of the party you can tally up and see who has the most stickers. Who ever has collected the most stickers wins a prize.

To keep your kids involved in the holiday you can help them create these fun Hanukkah window decals as an activity for the day. You’ll need:

  • clothing paint in blue, yellow, white, silver, gold

  • cut out picture of a Dreidel

  • cut out picture of the Star of David

  • Piece of thin plastic or glass

    You might want to put down some newspaper to cover the work area just in case some of the paint gets away from the kids. Take your cut out pictures of the dreidel and the Star of David and slide them under the glass. Then take one of your tubes of clothing paint and outline each of the pictures on the surface of the glass. Carefully fill in the outlines with your different colors of paint, but make sure the entire outline is filled in. Wait a few hours for the paint to dry. When it’s fully dry you should be able to peel the dried clothing paint off of the glass and then stick it to one of your windows.

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    Creative Western Party Decoration to Make your Party a Rocking Affair!
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