Living A Secured Life with a Home Security System


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Home security system has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Nowadays, installing a security system in our home or any infrastructure is a must. At present, the safety of our assets is at risk because we may never know when a burglar would try to break in our houses.

Having a security system…

  • Would somehow decrease the probability of burglary.

  • Would give you peace of mind.

  • Would lessen your worries of possible intruder.

  • Would give you a feeling of security of your investments.

    Home security system is categorized as…

  • Closed-Circuit – when the door is closed, the flow of electricity is continuously flowing. The alarm will be triggered when the door is opened.

  • Open-Circuit – this is the counter part of a closed circuit. When you open the door, the circuit is closed which means there is a continuous flow of electricity. The alarm activates when the circuit is opened.

    Basic designs of a closed-circuit alarm system compose of…

  • battery – source of power supply

  • metal switch (spring driven) – fabricated on door frames

  • magnet – implanted on the door (lined up usually on switch)

  • buzzer (separately-powered) – with a relay-forced switch

    How does it work…

    The circuit is completed when the metal switch is being pulled by the magnet. This happens when the door is closed. The circuit of the buzzer stays open when the relay’s electromagnet is energized through the flow of electricity. When the door is opened, the magnet is moved causing the switch to be on its open position which would trigger the alarm.

    Modernized design of a closed-circuit system composes of…

  • Control box – it is in here where the whole wiring system is terminated, location of the battery and connection of phone lines.

  • Keypad – this is the support of the system.

  • Siren – noise created when possible intruder is detected.

  • Motion detector – senses possible intruder.

  • Window and door connection – alters the alarm when the window and door is opened.

  • Monitoring Station – for monitored security system only.

    How does it work…

    The control box is connected to more than one alarm circuits. It checks the circuits and triggers the alarm when it is closed or opened. Once it is triggered, the siren won't stop from making noise not until an individual enters a pass code at the keypad connected to it. In additional, the control panel is often positioned in an unseen spot of the house wherein the intruder can’t find to prevent him from destroying it.

    How does a monitored security system works?

    1. An intruder is sensed by the motion detector.

    2. A 30-45 seconds allowance is given to the owner to deactivate it for possible false alarms.

    3. If not deactivated, the security alarm system sends message to the company in charge of monitoring the security system over telephone lines.

    4. To verify the message, the company would place a call to the homeowner. If improper pass code is given or the call is unanswered, they would proceed on calling the police.

    5. It is then the duty of the police to respond.

    Remember! Burglars nowadays are at times knowledgeable of security systems. It is our prerogative on where to install our security system and keep its control box in a place unseen. Security system does not keep the burglar from breaking in, rather they are of big help to somehow lessen the chances of burglary.

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    The Importance of Having a Home Security System
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