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Stenciling is an arts and craft specialty that has come into vogue from seeing the craft used on the many Home Improvement shows. Stenciling is really quite fun and best of all anyone can do it.

Of course, stenciling takes some patience and practice. However, don't worry if you are a beginner because there is a variety of materials that you can find online to help get your stenciling project started.

You can put a stencil on almost any object. In fact, you can stencil on glass, cloth or even on your own home walls. Naturally, different stencils require a different set of materials and types of paint.

The design of stencils is limited only by your imagination which is neat because it allows you the fun opportunity to create your own stencil. A stencil is usually a sheet of plastic or cardboard that has a cut out design. You use the Stencil to transfer the design to another media. The ink will then transfer the design in order to reproduce the design on the object underneath. The most popular paints for basic stenciling projects are acrylic and fabric paints.

Transferring a stencil onto glass can be tricky. The types of inks or paints that will adhere to glass are usually only offered by a few craft companies. This is important because if you use the wrong ink or paint the stencil will wash off if you do not use the proper glass paint.

Putting a stencil on rough fabric offers an additional challenge. A project for putting a stencil on a jean jacket requires a special stencil and the jacket material must be laid as flat as possible. Unfortunately you may still lose of the finer details. A solution is to hand draw the small edges of the stencil to create the impact you want.

Home decorating is also a popular use for stenciling. Beautiful and functional projects can be created. One really fun use for stenciling in children’s bedrooms is to stencil their names above their bed if they are sharing space with another sibling.

Some home decorators stencil quotes on the walls of their clients homes. The feelings or belief of the homeowner are put in a color of their choice on their walls. Some of the favorites are “Faith, Hope & Love”. This project is so popular that the stencils can be purchased and no longer need to be created from scratch.

A time intensive but beautiful project can be created with just a sponge stencil brush and a stencil pattern of your choice. You can customize your walls using a stencil. Stenciling can be made to look like wallpaper. You can choose from thousands of colors and color combinations to get the perfect color and look and feel for your home.

You can add a personalized festive touch to your Christmas decorating projects using stencils. You can personalize Christmas Ornaments for that special person. You can also stencil a name to the ornament and add a picture making personalized Christmas cards. In fact, all of your Christmas decorations can be made extra special using stencils that you purchase or that you create yourself.

Stenciling allows you to let your artistic ideas flow while you are creating beautiful and lasting items for gifts, home decorating or items that you can sell. Creating beautiful accessories with stencils will allow you the opportunity to save money and perhaps earn money with your artistic expressions. You can create one-of-a-kind items that will delight your family and enhance the beauty of your home.

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