Different Specialty Light Bulbs Available For Consumers

Christain Cullen

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Times have changed so much, since the early days when the basic incandescent light bulb was considered the norm for lighting purposes in the home, in public areas, and industries of all kinds. Nowadays, there are so many different specialty light bulbs available for consumers, depending on their specific needs, goals, and preferences.

There are specialty light bulbs for general lighting, medical and scientific purposes, graphic arts lamps, microscopic lighting, photographic lamps, miniature lamps, and many more specific lighting purposes for use in all sorts of different industries such as aviation, medicine, science, railroad, germicide, and more.

Some of the more common specialty light bulbs that are available today fall into one of the following categories—although there are quite a few more:

- Automotive LED bulbs, which are specialty light bulbs generally used in cars;

- Halogen bulbs, often used in household or businesses and offices as an alternative to the basic incandescent light bulb—although more expensive, they are more effective, durable, and produce more light;

- Full-spectrum light bulbs, specialty light bulbs that produce “white light" that can help with disorders stemming from insufficient exposure to natural sunlight, such as seasonal affective disorder;

- Compact fluorescent light bulbs (softer lighting and longer lasting), projector bulbs (for projectors), and tanning bed lights (producing UV rays).

Of course, there are many other categories of specialty light bulbs and other specific types of specialty light bulbs available such as black, decorative, marine, globe, landscape, and low voltage light bulbs and lamps.

Choosing the right bulb really depends on what you’re looking for and your specific requirements.

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