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One of the most important things to consider when buying upholstered furniture and home furnishings is its maintenance. A beautiful and expensive upholstered furniture can easily look old and dirty without proper cleaning and without proper maintenance. Dust, direct light and sunshine, constant wear and tear, not to mention kids activities such as drawing crayons on the living room’s upholstered sofa and on your expensive coffee tables are just some of the most common factors that hastens the aging of your upholstered furniture. Furniture should be cleaned and maintained not only for it to look its best but also to preserve it and make it last longer, allowing the homeowner to save on more furniture expenses.

Furniture maintenance and furniture cleaning is important. However, not every housewife know just how to go about it. And if they did, they sometimes don’t know just what materials to use in cleaning their furniture.

Here are, therefore, some tips on cleaning and maintaining the new, expensive and luxurious looks of your upholstered furniture that your home simply deserves and on maintaining your furniture’s functionality for a longer period.

Upholstered Furniture

When kids and guests spill wine or colored drinks on your sofa and upholstered furniture, it is always best to clean it right away. The longer the stain soaks into the material such as cloth or leather, the harder it is for you to remove it. If there are dirt, lightly brush the dirt first before using clean, cold water with white tissue paper to blot the liquid spill. It is not advisable to rub or scrub the stain with a brush as this will definitely cause damage the leather or the fibers of your furniture. Regular vacuuming in light mode is also recommended to maintain your furniture.

When the need calls for chemical solutions as means of cleaning your furniture, always use the lightest and weakest solution first on a small and hidden part of the furniture. This way, you will be able to observe the chemical solution’s effect on your furniture: if it has cleaned it or damaged the fibers or leather instead. A 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution is one of the most common treatment used on stained leather furniture. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is used as a cleaner by dabbing it on the stained area. Afterwards, when the stain has disappeared, it may be dabbed with clean, cold water, using white tissue.

When it comes to the furniture in your home, the line “prevention is better than cure" is sometimes impossible especially with rowdy kids and careless guests around. When it comes to furniture, sometimes it is better to know the stain cure when stain prevention is impossible.

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