Small Bathroom Remodeling And The Do-It-All Renovations Contractor


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Managing a small bathroom remodeling project

Remodeling your small bathroom, or any sized bathroom for that matter, can be a very rewarding and satisfying project. It can also be the source of much stress and many sleepless nights when things go wrong and believe me they can go wrong. Managing home improvement projects isn't as easy as it might seem and a bathroom remodel can be one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake in your home.

How to minimise the stress of your small bathroom renovation project

The most important thing to do before starting your bathroom makeover project is planning. You must decide not only what you are going to do in your small bathroom but you must also decide how you are going to do it. So what are your options?

  • Do it all yourself
  • Do part of it yourself and hire a project manager to hire a contract team.
  • Hire a project manager to control the whole bathroom remodel
  • Project manage your small bathroom makeover and hire a team of contractors yourself.
  • Find a multi skilled contractor to complete your whole bathroom-remodeling project.

I knew that I didn't have the time to manage a team of bathroom contractors and I would hold them up if tried to do any of the work myself. I only had the one bathroom so I couldn't afford to have the job take any longer than necessary. So that left me with the options of hiring a team of bathroom contractors and a project manager or finding someone that would do the whole job by themselves.

Preparing your bathroom remodeling plan of action

Before I took the plunge and remodeled my own little bathroom I took the time to talk to people who had some personal remodeling experience of their own. I talked to friends and their friends and I talked to the staff in bathroom showrooms. This is the best way to help you decide how you are going to get your bathroom makeover done. It's also a very good way of finding contacts for suitable contractors.

While I was doing all this talking, that went on for several months, it became clear to me that the people who had the least amount of problems and stress with their small bathroom remodels where the people who had involved the least number of contractors to do the work. They also seemed to get their remodeling project completed much faster.

Hiring a multi skilled contractor to remodel your small bathroom

I decided then that I would look for a bathroom-remodeling contractor who would be capable and prepared to take on my small bathroom renovation from start to finish. I was convinced by what I had found that they do exist but I knew that they would be in high demand. In the end I was very pleased with the result and encourage you to consider this route to your dream bathroom.

I was right about the rarity of the one-stop bathroom-remodeling contractor. Lets face it, there are a lot of skills required and it's hard to see how one person can be a master of them all. On the other hand none of it is rocket science and anyone determined enough to put their mind to it can do a very reasonable job of it all.

After a lot of searching for names and referrals I chose 3 possible contractors and asked them to quote. I found the pin boards in many bathroom showrooms to be a valuable resource in finding contractors, as many of them will leave a card there for you to pick up.

I asked them all for references so that I could go and see some of their work and talk to their clients. This is an important and very reassuring step that can help to ensure that you don't end up with a rogue who runs off with your money.

Be prepared to wait for your small bathroom remodel

The guy that I chose to remodel my small bathroom was booked up for 6 months in advance but I felt that the wait would be well worth it. So we set a time and went with it. I was not disappointed with the result.

Read more about multi-skilled bathroom remodeling contractors in the article Small Bathroom Remodeling and One-Stop Contractors

Before and after pictures of my small bathroom remodel Pictures of bathrooms before and after remodeling at Steve Gee


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