How to Get Rid of Silverfish


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You keep the books and pictures you treasure in a safe place only to find out that silverfish has feasted on them. You are annoyed, but what can you do. It is hard for you to spot them especially during the day because they are extremely shy and only comes out at night. You wanted to get rid of them for good to avoid them from eating your books, pictures, wallpapers and your silk fabrics.

Let us start by understanding these little insects.

What is a silverfish?

A silverfish is a small, wingless insect that feeds on sugar and starches. They love the starch on glue, bookbindings, adhesives and even wallpaper glue. They may also feed on cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers and dead insects.

They may not do harm on pets and human, but your precious book, your wallpaper and even your clothes may be damaged.

How to eliminate silverfish Elimination of silverfish starts by thoroughly cleaning your household or office. You may also try to take away their habitat, ensure to take away their food and treat the possible hiding place.

Silverfish habitat

  • Basement

  • Laundry room

  • Sink drain

  • Under the refrigerator

  • Crevices

  • Attic

    Keep these areas clean and treat them with dehumidifier, fan may also be helpful. This will cause the silverfish to leave and find another hiding place.

    Silverfish diet

    Silverfish eats anything starchy; to ensure they will not hunt your books and other important articles, keep the area dry and clean. They will not be able to thrive on this and so will definitely move away.

    Eliminator of Silverfish

    Like any insect, borax and swimming pool filter earth may be the best way to eliminate them. This is because the items are safe for humans and pet, you may use them to protect your home from silverfish infestation.

    Sprinkle some of the dust on areas you suspect silverfish may be hiding, in no time you will not feel their presence anymore.

    Silverfish will not cause harm on human, but because they may do harm on the things you cherish, getting rid of them may be a good move.

    Get Rid of Silverfish for Good!!

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    how to get rid of silverfish

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