HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD - The Beginning Of A New Rivalry?


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Now that we have more and more HDTV's it has become a battle of HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD. This similar to past battles like VHS vs Beta in the ‘80's. The main similarity to the two is the wavelengths at which they are read. In the past CD's and DVD's used lasers that were about 650nm long, while the newer ones, HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, both use ones that are 405nm long. Believe it or not this makes a huge difference on quality and space.

Besides this basic information the amount of information that can be stored on these is a lot better than in the past. Older DVD's or what are now called standard DVD’s can hold around 4.7GB of information. Because of this they can hold about a two hour-long movie with a few extras that will play well on regular televisions. Yet this won't allow for great viewing on higher resolutions. But with HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, can both hold more.

While both can store more and therefore are better for the newer HDTV's, there is one main difference. In the battle of HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, the Blu-Ray can actually hold more information. HD-DVD can usually hold up to 30GB, depending on what kind of layers are on the disc. While Blu-Ray can hold up to 50GB, once again depending on how many layers are on the disc. This difference in space could not mean very much to the average movie watcher however.

Another major difference when it comes to HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD is the cost of making them. The HD-DVD seems to be cheaper to produce. This means that Blu-Ray costs more to manufacture and could raise their prices to the consumer. This also means that HD-DVD is cheaper as far shelf prices. Though each will not play on the other's players, they both can play on older DVD players. At this point in the battle it seems that HD-DVD is going to be better for home computer use, while Blu-Ray may work better for movies and such.

As you can see there are a few things to consider when it comes down to HDTV-Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD. But in either case there are some pros and some cons. In the end, it is really up to you which one will work best for your personal needs. Based on the previous information, you should be able to make a better and more informed decision. Only time will tell which one will win out ultimately.

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