How to Get Rid of a Groundhog


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Groundhog is also known as woodchuck and is a small rodent that burrows under the ground. The animal hibernates during winter and dig dens or burrows for hiding. Groundhogs can spoil whole of our garden. If these animals are present around our garden, we must know how to get rid of groundhogs.

If you have seen a groundhog in your garden, you would definitely want to know how to get rid of these animals and for controlling this you should frighten the groundhogs away from your garden with the help of stick or sound. You could also use some of the repellants available in the market. These repellent smell or taste sometimes is sufficient enough to drive away the groundhogs from your garden. You can also locate the dens or any other hiding places of these groundhogs and thus allowing some sound or smoke in the den, you could drive groundhog away from your ground. To get rid of groundhog, you can also use fencing to the ground so these rodents cannot enter the grounds.

The other ways to get rid of groundhogs is to use trap just outside of their burrows. Carefully place a trap just outside the burrow of the groundhog and you can successfully trap these groundhogs.

Groundhogs are timid and they frighten with any object in motion. So, you can put any moving object in your garden so that groundhogs do not attack to your garden. Pinwheels are best moving objects and are able to keep away groundhogs. You can take other additional preventive methods also such as avoiding the shelter and hideouts for groundhogs. If you deprive the groundhogs with a tall grass and other bushes in your garden, the groundhogs will probably look for other gardens in that area.

Another idea to get rid of groundhog is to take the help of professionals to trap these animals especially if you are in urban area. In urban area you will get a number of professionals having experience in trapping such animals before and with the help of these professionals, you can easily get rid of groundhog.

Get Rid of Groundhogs for Good!! !

how to get rid of a groundhog

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