Different Types of Loudspeakers


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There are four major types of speakers to look for with home theater systems.

The four focus on (a) sound reproduction, (b) physical qualities – appearance and size (c) sound volume (d) compatibility and budget. Let’s take a look at each.

(a) Sound Reproduction – short and sweet, your speakers need to reproduce the original soundtrack in a consistent, error-free manor.

(b) Physical Qualities – It’s no secret that you can get all sizes of speakers from huge monster-size ones to micro-speakers. Check your specs and find what works best with your system, but ones that also work best with your other equipment and home theater area. In other words, let’s say they’re in the way of the projector, no good. So check first and keep receipts until you plug everything in and check them out.

(c) Sound Volume – Speakers may sound wonderful in the store setting. But check them out at home. Are they playing loud enough for your home theater environment? The room’s acoustics and overall area / size pretty much dictate your sound parameters. Tiny speakers aren’t going to work well for a very large entire floor area. So again, hold on to receipts and check everything out first.

(d) Compatibility and Budget – Find compatible components, matching comparably priced speakers with equipment it similar ranges. In other words, you don’t want cheap, used, trashed, worthless tires on your brand new 5-digit (with no decimal points) sports car!

So before you fine tune your speaker choice for your home theater system, consider the facts and types of speakers. Make sure to check out the types; (a) sound reproduction, (b) physical qualities – appearance and size (c) sound volume (d) compatibility and budget…and not get stuck with a typo. Crisp, quality sound that’s loud enough for everyone to hear throughout your home theater area is what you want. Not garbled, whispers.

Hyun Kim is a freelance writer who writes about loudspeakers, home audio and home theater related topics. He loves to visit Stereo|411 to discuss topics about home theater and reads their home theater forum .


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