Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric helicopter


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Deciding to buy rc helicopter should be easy. But deciding what type of rc helicopter to buy should take a little of your time and careful evaluation of things.

In this article, you will be provided with the reasons as to why you should buy an electric rc helicopter. This does not mean though that it disregards the gas powered rc’s.

Reason #1: Cost

An average electric helicopter would cost at around $200. Compare that to gas rc helicopter that would sometimes costs for about $1000. Electric helicopter is cheap. And as the construction gets simpler, the cost gets lower.

Reason #2: Silent

You have reasons to hate other types of rc helicopter. Tiny helicopter engine creates noise that is more annoying than a 15-year old car. Imagine your neighbor is flying a noisy helicopter right outside your window at 3pm. With electric helicopter, the owner will never have to worry about the neighbors and never have to consider going to an open space just to be able to fly the helicopter. The electric will let you play with it anywhere, anytime.

Reason #3: Easy to fly

Since it is powered by electricity from the battery, you don’t have to worry about putting fuel and starting an engine. Just switch the thing on and it will fly at your will. This is very ideal if you are only beginning to start the hobby. What could be more frustrating than buying rc helicopter without any idea how to get it off the ground even after reading the manual? This is why it is best to start from an electric helicopter before moving one step higher to a more serious gas rc helicopter.

Reason #4: Easy to maintain

With no engine and less moving parts that equate to less mechanical parts, you don’t have to worry about malfunctions caused by busted engine or overhead due to incompatible parts. An electric helicopter is powered by battery that only requires wire to connect with the electric engine that is connected to the rotor. Any malfunction then would only mean replacing one of the simple parts.

Reason #5: Battery Rechargeable

After you have drained the battery of your electric helicopter, you simply plug it in an electric socket and with for it to recharge again. You can play it over and over again as long as you have the supply of electricity at home.

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