Vitamin C: Enhancing Male Fertility Naturally


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Vitamin C has enjoyed great fame in recent history. It's useful for preventing scurvy, a dreaded disease in the past. It's also an anti-oxidant and has been known to help prevent and reduce the duration of the common cold. But can it really help enhance male fertility? Research has shown that yes, it can.

It is important to note that even if a man produces high counts of sperm, they must be able to reach the egg. Part of this journey relies on the female’s cervical fluid, which must be hospitable to the sperm. But part of it relies on the man.

Agglutination is the process by which sperm clumps together. When sperm cells are clumped together, they cannot swim properly and have a hard time making it to the egg. A man with a vitamin C deficiency is more likely to have sperm agglutination, and taking vitamin C can prevent it. This allows the healthy sperm to swim to the egg.

Deficiency in vitamin C has also been shown to contribute to low sperm count and reduced sperm motility. Like sperm agglutination, reduced motility prevents sperm from moving properly. Sperm may simply swim in circles instead of through the semen and cervical fluid to the waiting egg.

Vitamin C has also been shown to reduce the occurrence of abnormal or defective sperm. This has been proven especially true in smokers. Of course quitting smoking is the best thing for a couple trying to conceive.

Low levels of vitamin C have led to less structural strength within the male sex organs. When vitamin C levels are replenished the tubes and organs needed for optimal fertility in the man are healthier and function more efficiently.

As you can see, vitamin C is vitally important for a man to be fertile. In addition to its specific benefits towards fertility, the vitamin is essential for overall health. It is found in many fruits and vegetables. However experts have found surprisingly low levels of vitamin C in sources where it has been thought to be abundant – such as oranges. They suggest that depleted soil may lead to this.

Since it is better to take vitamin C in a whole form, rather than by isolating it, you may want to try a multi-vitamin containing vitamin C. This ensures a more balanced delivery of the vitamin, along with other vitamins and minerals essential to your fertility. Be sure to get plenty of foods rich in vitamin C as this is the best source – just use your vitamin as an assurance that you are truly getting what you need.

Ensuring that you get a generous amount of vitamin C in your diet will help improve your sperm quality and perhaps your sperm count. It will also improve the health of your reproductive organs and give you better health overall. Be sure that you are getting the amount of vitamin C you need everyday and enjoy greater fertility.

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