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It’s the prime time of your life, time to reap the fruits of long years of hard work, it’s the time to “shine” under slow paced days and away from the hectic lifestyle of work, it is retirement time. Although a lot of baby boomers these days have opted to take on a different path by staying close to “near work” environments and taking on new challenges and explorations of working in a much diverse field, there are still those who prefer the traditional “retirement” meaning. They discover places through travel, vacations and leisure, and mostly retire somewhere where they could just enjoy years of beautiful days and great sun-filled surroundings.

For those who take on the true meaning of retirement, the choices of retirement locations can be overwhelming offered across the country, all of which may provide everything they need, or the best comfort and amenities they seek. Always determine though, the advantages you will get on every retirement locations and if whether or not it can help you achieve the conveniences you search for in a community. Medical services, facility, maintenance, house, leisure and sports, and of course setting, are some of the things to be carefully looked into.

An increasingly becoming favorite retirement locations of retirees are college towns. Until lately, anyone over 60 seen in a university campus would be mistaken for either a professor or aging alumni visiting his/her college of younger years. Not these days though, college towns’ demographic landscape has changed and many seniors are now mixed among dewy coeds, taking classes or queuing up for cultural contributions and indulging in with energy. A majority of retirees like the easy access to educational opportunities and cultural events to continue expanding their skills and knowledge which has always been of great importance to them. Here are top two on the list of the best retirement locations of such environment:

Las Cruces, New Mexico is obviously selling points for retirees with its spectacular Organ Mountains and the New Mexico State University, two high-tech hospitals, and sponsored cultural scene. What makes this location special is the real hospitality among resettlers and the locals alike. To add to that, almost three hundred days of sunshine very year plus inexpensive housing, the place has definitely boomed over the past ten years and still prices have stayed modest.

Ashland, Oregon draws retirees for its excellent outdoors, views of the surrounding hills, huge network of hiking trails, and easy day trips to the Pacific Ocean, Rogue River, or the Crater Lake. The Ashland Community hospital is a humble facility with seventy doctors on staff, however there is also one nearby Medford which is one of the largest medical centers in the region and boasts a top cardiovascular unit, the Rogue Valley Medical Center. The downside of this place on the other hand, is the relatively expensive housing, but “relatively” is the key term as the houses costs are comparable to homes in San Francisco Bay Area.

Other best retirement locations of the same category include Iowa City, Iowa; Brunswick, Maine; and Athens, Georgia.

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Retirement Communities or Nursing Homes - Post Retirement Planning Beforehand
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