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Is your room contemporary, traditional, country or modern? Your room has a personality of its own that should reflect in your choice of window dressing. Blinds are more than functional ways to block out sunlight or prevent Peeping Toms from knowing what's going on in your house; they can set a mood. With today's wide choices in window blinds and styles, your windows won't feel overpowered by these wonderful treatments. Thanks to the latest designs, blinds can be more than strips of wood tied together, installed onto a medium-sized rectangular window, and controlled by a pull cord and a wand.

The blinds that you select for your room can be purchased, can be custom-made or you can make them yourself. Most window blinds are affordable for the average homeowner, which is why in part that they are so popular. As with any other purchase for the home, the better quality brands of window blinds can be expensive to purchase. However, quality blinds will last and be durable over the long term. You can purchase good quality window blinds at your local chain home improvement centers, major retailers, or specialty window treatment stores. Specialty stores may be willing to send a sales representative to your home to help you select the right blinds for your room. Specialty stores will cut and fit blinds to your window sizes and provide installation for a fee or at no cost. Of course, you can select window blinds online and have them shipped directly to your home without the need to leave the comfort of your chair.

When you select the right blinds for your house, you need to match your room, the style and your budget. Even so, you will find that there are lots of blinds to choose from:

* Wooden blinds today can be made from real wood but often they are made from composite or PVC materials that look like wood. These blinds usually have two-inch slats; wider slats block more light. Wooden blinds can come with a traditional cord for raising and lowering them or there is a new simple “soft touch" lift mechanism that is safer for homes with children. Wooden blinds come in colors or wood tones; it is best to select a color or tone that harmonizes with your room. A curtain valance or a decorative cornice can be used to hide the top of the blind from view.

* Vertical blinds can make a room feel taller and mysterious. On a sliding door or living room window, these blinds don't have to remind you of the 80s with big flowery patterns and cold surroundings. The pull mechanism can be from either side or even operate from a remote control. Careful not to mix patterns that will be outdated in a short time. Many vertical blinds add a soft texture that brings out your furniture's beauty.

* Aluminum blinds are the most inexpensive way to put up blinds in your home or apartment. These are frequently called mini blinds because the slats are so narrow. Mini blinds are perfect if you are on a budget and need privacy. However, treat these blinds with care as they bend easily and are not particularly durable.

* Most horizontal window blinds roll upward from the window sill. But you can buy blinds that open to the outside world from the top down. This unusual type of blind is perfect for homes or apartments that are close together. You can have the blinds open to get light and sunshine while protecting your privacy.

Selecting the right window shades for your room can be a pleasant experience since there are so many fine choices for any decor. Be sure to visit your local retailer or shop online for the latest colors and styles of blinds.

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