How to Repair Your Carpet

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How frequently you will repair your carpet depends on you. There are many occasions where you must take action. More often than not, you can do a repair job without the help of a professional. However, from time to time you will need professional help.

- Burns happen when a cigarette comes in contact with the carpet. If the burn is not big, the burnt carpet fibers can be cut out with scissors. If the burn is big, you must replace the section with a new part of carpet. You can do this yourself or find an installer do it.

- Fuzzing happens when loose fibers became visible on the edges of the carpet. To repair this, just cut the fibers that are sticking out.

- Another problem is furniture marks. Heavy furniture can cause indentations on the carpet. To remove these horrible marks, you need to sprinkle your carpet with club soda, put a towel over the area and then iron it. You will need to do this a couple of times. As a result, your carpet will re-fluff.

- A very busy traffic on the surface of the carpet will cause it to flatten. This will give certain types of carpet a shaded appearance. In this case, you must brush and vacuum the area. If you can't repair the carpet, hire a professional.

- Shedding takes place as a result of usage, because the fibers will appear on the carpet. This is a normal problem. To fix it, vacuum the area. The snags are tufts that have pulled out of the surface of the carpet. Do not ever pull them off, but instead cut them off carefully with scissors.

- Sprouting happens when there are tufts on the carpet, which are longer than the rest. Do not pull them because you will only damage the carpet more. You need to trim them off with scissors.

- The proven way to cope with carpet beetles is with a strong vacuum suction. The carpet beetles are very frustrating, as they feed on wool, hides, hair, fur, grain, flour and seeds. If the carpet is infested badly, you should hire a professional cleaner.

- Bleeding of the carpet is the transfer of the color from one part to another. Good underlayments will help to prevent bleeding to some degree. Crocking is the loss of the carpets color when you rubbed it. To prevent this, just avoid getting your carpet wet.

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