Potty Training Tips - An Exercise To Help Prepare Your Emotions For Potty Training

Mike Strawbridge

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Children mirror the emotions of their teaches and care takers. In order to be successful at potty training, you need to ensure you are in a positive emotional state.

As an aid to helping you prepare yourself for potty training in one weekend, I have written a simple exercise that may help you get in the right frame of mind. The method is based on the “Five Minute Miracle" by Marty Dow. Her book is now included with each purchase of the “Potty Train your child in one weekend" course for your reference.

Think about your child and the behavior you wish to see in your child. In this example lets consider potty training. Your desire is for your child to have clean dry clothes. Don’t concern your self with how this will happen. For example don’t focus on going to the potty or changing diapers or the like, Just focus on having a happy healthy clean dry child.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Relax and focus your attention on your breathing and the physical sensations of your body.

Start thinking about how you want your child to be.

Imagine your child playing in front of you. Imagine with as much detail as possible. See the colors, hear the sounds, smell the smells.

Imagine that you see your child surrounded by a pink ball or blanket of love. Visualize your love for your child surrounding your child on all sides.

See the two of you smiling at each other as you are both happy, safe and secure.

Feel a positive emotion like joy or happiness as you watch the imaginary scene.

Now imagine yourself telling a friend how well this process worked.

See yourself happily enjoying this new behavior pattern that you have established in your child.

Specifically see yourself praising your child for having clean dry clothes.

Feel the pride and joy of your accomplishment.

Now let the image go.

If you visualize any conflicts or problems during the session, just change the story until it fits your desires and expectations. Keep going until all you see is your success.

Take five minutes each day to perform this exercise as you make your preparations for your potty training weekend.

Mike Strawbridge is a contributing writer to the Potty Training Site and editor of “How to Potty Train Your Child in One Weekend" written by his wife Janice.

More information about the course and more potty training tips and tricks can be found at http://www.pottytrainingsite.com

Even more potty training tips for solving your potty training problems and frustration are listed on our blog at http://pottytrainingsite.blogspot.com


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