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The antique collector has many items he can treasure and appreciate, there are many different antiques and collectables that are uniquely favorites of different collectors niches. One such very special niche is the antique map collectors, a group that is interested not only in the item and its antiquity but also in many other fields such as history, military and cartography through the ages.

Maps have been the main tool with which the world has been discovered and colonized, starting as a unique craft in the ancient world map making had a combination of the skills in arts and painting as well as the ability to correctly describe a landscape for navigation and trip planning. This art of map making had evolved even further when navel history started making its mark on the exploration of the world and its new frontiers.

One reason why antique maps are so special and unique is their close connection with specific events, when an antique map is well traced and you can estimate who was the owner and on what general purpose it was used, it is only a question of research that will lead you to the owners personal history and with it you will also probably know more about the maps history as well. It is sometimes an amazing travel in time to find an owner of a map and than trace his activity with that map over a period of a few years.

The map collector will be interested not only in the historic value of the map but also in the quality of the map making, as some maps from earlier time can clearly show a less developed skill in map making the map can also be used to point to a certain point in cartography history and development. In some cases the collector will be also interested in the overall quality of the map as it will be used on display in a living room or other place, in these cases the historic value is not so much a consideration.

Antique maps are also an item many institutes and businesses look for as an art like item to fit on their walls or offices, these antique maps usually have some kind of relevance to the business or establishment in which they are placed, and demonstrate some kind of connection between the company and its past or geographic roots. Some antique maps are especially wanted in businesses and industries which involve travel like world transport and delivery services.

In any case the market for antique maps is a very busy one with a lot of new buyers entering the market every year, the excitement of antique map searching and the connection to naval and military history as well as the development of the craft and art of map making make this a unique niche in antiques and historic item collecting, even the most experienced art or antique collector will always be interested in learning more about antique maps.

Simon Oldmann has been experimenting with internet auction sites for some years now, he is writing about his experience in researching and buying Antique Maps online.


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