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Natural birth control is one of the most widely used methods of fertility regulation. Some religions and cultural beliefs do not permit artificial birth control devices or drugs. The natural birth control method is more acceptable to these people. This method includes a periodic abstinence, with couples avoiding *** intercourse during the woman's fertile period.

The rhythm method or calendar method, standard days method, sympto-thermal method, and withdrawal method are some of the natural birth control methods.

In the rhythm method, *** intercourse takes place based on three assumptions. The first is that ovulation occurs fourteen days before the beginning of menstruation. This method also relies upon the fact that the sperm will remain viable for three days and that the ovum survives for twenty-four hours. With these theories in mind, women can decide on the days of abstinence. The standard day method replaced the rhythm method over a period of time. In the standard day method, the first day of a period is considered as day one. Women can have unprotected sex from day one to day seven. From days eight to nineteen, they should avoid sex. From day twenty to the next period, they can again have unprotected intercourse.

Withdrawal is a method of natural birth control in which the man withdraws his *** from the woman's vagina before *** tion. This method does not always work because the man must have enough control to withdraw in time. The Sympto-thermal method is also an effective natural birth control method. Women using this method should keep track of their cervical mucus signs, their waking or basal body temperatures, and their menstrual cycle histories. In this method, the mucus detected date is noted first. The end of the fertile period is determined based on the basal body temperature. Intercourse can be resumed as the temperature rises. The temperature begins to rise one to two days after ovulation and corresponds to the rising level of progesterone.

Natural birth control methods allow a woman to have an understanding of her body. These methods have no side effects. Natural birth control methods do not require the use of drugs or chemicals. Compared with other birth control methods, a natural birth control method is inexpensive. Such methods can also be used to achieve pregnancy. Natural birth control methods require discipline and systematic charting. This is most suitable for women with regular and predictable menstrual cycles.

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