Scrapbook Page Layouts - Two versus One - A Fair Fight between Types of Layouts


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Some scrapbookers prefer to create entire albums page by page. Others work solely with two pages at a time. Still a third category of scrapbookers makes albums that are a mixture of one- and two-page layouts. Both types of layouts have clear advantages and disadvantages when compared side-by-side, so the last set of scrapbookers probably has the right idea—take advantage of both types of layouts to create your album.

One-page layouts work well for busy scrapbookers. With one page to complete at a time, you can finish more quickly and have time to clean up. One-page layouts also have a sense of intimacy because the pictures are placed closely together on the page, along with the journaling and embellishments. This creates a very rich and full album, seeming to burst at the seams with color and pictures. Because the layout is smaller, this is also often an easier option for beginning layout designers or for crafters who do not have a large workspace to spread out two pages at a time.

Two-page layouts, on the other hand, create an album that is more spacious. If you have many photographs of a single event, it is almost impossible to put them all on one page. You can split them up over multiple layouts; however, by creating a two-page layout, you give the pictures a sense of togetherness. You can even spread the layout over three or more pages by using the same colors and design concepts to carry a theme throughout your pages. Two-page layouts also work well when you have a few pictures that cannot be cropped and will therefore not fit onto one page. With the larger layout, you can be sure to have enough room for journaling and design.

Both kinds of layouts have disadvantages as well, so you should not use one or the other in every situation. With a one-page layout, you don’t have to worry about having enough paper to coordinate two pages. However, albums made of entire one-page layouts may seem choppy and disconnected. Choose the best option for your situation, but be sure to consider both types of layouts and to include both in your album to make the most of your space. With a little practice and inspiration, you will find that one-and two-page layouts are each easy and fun to create and give your photographs a good backdrop for display.

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