Bat Mitzvah: Celebration of 12 Year Old Jewish Females Coming of Age

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When a Jewish girl turns 12 years of age, they are recognized, through Bat Mitzvah, as full-fledged adult women. This rite of passage involves a celebratory rite of passage, not just from childhood into adulthood, it is the auspicious time in which they are expected to both grow spiritually, and become a better person in every facet of their lives. It signifies the solidification of their religious beliefs as well as their own personal code of ethics, and changing from the child who thought of their own needs instead of the needs of others around them. Their focus will be on learning the tenants of their faith to be stronger within the church, and learning skills to make them into better wives and mothers.

Jewish girls achieve adult status a year earlier than boys, because they typically mature faster, both physically and emotionally. With Mat Mitzvah, they reach a stage in development where they are expected to decide what kind of person they wish to be, and actively pursue becoming that person. Their morality and sensitivity are thought to have reached a maturity level in which they are able to be responsible for their thoughts and actions.

Bat Mitzvah means daughter of a commandment, and signifies the time in life when they must strive to become closer to God, like a daughter to her parent. While Bat Mitzah is a solemn, sacred rite of passage, they are also a celebration of life, growth, and faith. This is often the biggest party in a girl’s life. Many parents spare no expense, and travel to Israel for their daughters’ Bat Mitzvahs, or stay home, and hire disc jockeys, have interactive wall-sized televisions, and teen bash style parties, after the religious ceremonies are past, and the only adults remaining are the chaperones. Kosher food, party hats, noise makers, and teens galore make this once in a lifetime rite of passage, a party no girl could ever forget as hey celebrate their emergence into adulthood at their Bat Mitzvah.

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