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For decades people have been using maps as sophisticated, high-class decorations. An ancient world map can be placed inside a beautiful wood frame and hung on the wall, or put on an office desk depending on its size. It tells people you are a knowledgeable man of refined taste.

Many people collect all types of maps as a pastime, and since every demand creates its own supply, this has led retailers to start printing them on all sorts of products imaginable. You can buy a necktie that depicts an ancient world map, as well as footstools depicting the same image. Other products featuring images of an ancient world map include calendars, desk mats, wall hangings, blankets, rugs, framed art, clocks, watches, wallpaper, stationary, you name it.

There are many auction houses, as well as online auction sites that specifically target those interested in owning an ancient world map. At a recent online auction, $11,000 was paid for an ancient world map dating back to 1640. This particular map showed the Seven Wonders of the World, the sun and moon, the five known planets of that time period, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids, and the lighthouse at Alexandria. The text of the map was in the German language.

While some people are happy enough to just own a little something having to do with an ancient world map, there are others who consider themselves full-time collectors, who do not hesitate to splurge thousands of dollars at auctions to purchase one-of-its-kind maps dated hundreds of years ago.

Although most of us don’t have the resources to purchase such a treasure you can find a perfectly decent replica of an ancient world map in several places. I’d suggest forgetting about the world class auction houses and heading right for the local antique shop just around the corner. Although they aren’t likely to have an original ancient world map (not that you have enough money or are crazy enough to pay for one anyway), they may have several likenesses which will look just as great in either your home or office.

The Internet seems to be one of the best places to locate hard to find items and this isn’t an exception to the rule. After doing a quick search on Google or Yahoo! you’ll find yourself bombarded with information and end up considering several choices. If the company is reputable and shipping charges aren’t monstrous this can be a wonderful approach to finding an ancient world map.

If you are looking for a way to add some life to a dull room, why not try an ancient world map? Not only will it bring a bit of life to an otherwise lifeless space, but you may also be amazed just how much you can learn by studying it. You’ll also be sowing an interest in history in your children. When one of these maps is displayed proudly in your home, sooner or later your children will ask you to explain it to them. And make sure you know what to tell them.

Linda E. Joy is a writer for The Arts Magazine . The site provides readers with the latest insights and write-ups on all things home and family oriented, and much more.


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