Scrapbooks Can Sell Beds in Nursing Homes

Audrey Okaneko

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One of the most difficult decisions an adult child may have to make is whether or not to move an aging parent into a nursing home.

There are many factors that can lead to this difficult decision. Perhaps the parent can no longer take care of themselves. This may be due to a weakened physical condition or it might be a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s.

Not all nursing homes are the same. What better way for a nursing home to show what they have to offer than through scrapbooks?

When a parent does have to move into a nursing, even if it’s a temporary move, they want to be able to have some sense of familiarity. A scrapbook showing personal bedspreads on beds can be helpful in showing that residents can indeed some of their own belongings.

Is there a closet in the room? Show the closet door open with clothes hung inside. This again shows a family that the future resident will be able to bring an assortment of their clothing with them. Is there a dresser in the room? Are residents able to have a few knick knacks and photos on the dresser? If so, take some photos of current resident’s dressers, showing the personalization each resident can create.

What about meal time? Where do the residents eat? What does their tray of food look like? When we eat in restaurants, the chefs work very hard at creating a plate that looks very appealing. They mix color. They choose foods that compliment each other visually. What does the nursing home do? Do the trays of food all look pale and bland? Or do the plates of food look appealing and attractive? Show breakfast trays, lunch trays and dinner trays.

What activities are offered? Is there singing? Are there movies shown? Are there arts and crafts programs? Is bingo offered? Seeing photos of residents attending programs will help in making the decision to purchase a bed from your facility. I would want to see happy, smiling faces of people involved in activities through out the week.

By creating a scrapbook of all the reasons why someone should choose your facility, you’ll ease the minds of those making this very difficult choice.

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