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Do you own a cockatoo or are you thinking about buying one.

Let me tell you about the three that I have owned. The first one would break out of his cage, and chew up everything from the trim around the edge of the wall, to the top bunk bed. These birds love to chew on wood. He was very noisy and would only let certain people handle him. My husband had him trained to walk down the hallway and climb in the shower with him. He also would get out of his cage in the morning, walk down the hallway, into the bedroom, climb up on the bed, my husband would lift up the blanket and the bird would climb under it and lay there and sleep. He also taught the bird to crap on demand. My husband had a habit of taking the bird with him on trips and the only way to keep the bird from crapping on everything including you, he taught him to crap on demand. I couldn't believe it. He would snap his finger and tell the bird to crap, and the bird would. These birds are trainable, but you have to have patients to do it. Finally after a few years of this, he got away. He broke out and got out the back door. He is now flying around Florida. He doesn't call home or write.

We bought a second cockatoo. This one was much smaller. We enjoyed him but like the other one, he too broke out of his cage. We had talked to the previous owner and we found out that after she closed up the pet shop, this bird would get out of his cage and open the doors to all the other bird cages. She would come to the shop and have to lock up all the birds. We ended up putting a padlock on his cage. He was noisy like the other one but once we told him to shut up he did. We no longer have him. He is in birdie heaven. We now have our third cockatoo. She is a handful. She also breaks out of her cage and would open the other bird's cages. We have a padlock on her cage. She is a very loving bird but don't turn your back on her if you let her out of her cage. She will destroy everything in her site. She has bitten wires to fans, telephones, chewed up floppy disc, cd's, desk chairs, anything that looked good to her.

One time I was holding her, showing her off, she is like a baby when you hold her and rub under her wings, she will lay her head on your chest and go to sleep. Well, this one time, like I said, I was showing her off and she was doing her thing, all of a sudden she reached down and bit the diamond out of my ring. That was the last time I showed her off.

She has a bad habit of dumping her water and food dishes, so now we have them clamped to their holders.

Our last discovery, we have scuba scooters, and had one of the batteries sitting in the room where her cage is. She was out of her cage and un-attended, you guessed it, she chewed the wires on the battery. So now we have a scooter and no battery to run it, and we are going scuba diving this week-end.

I love the bird dearly, but if I buy another bird, it won't be a cockatoo. They are too destructive. So if you decide you can't live without a cockatoo, make sure you buy a lock for the cage, and keep it locked when you aren't home. Continue


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Consider A Goffin Cockatoo
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Consider A Goffin Cockatoo

by: Gary Caine (September 07, 2009)