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Learning The Process Of Colorbond Fencing Installation

Charlot Fernandez

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Colorbond fence are the kind of fence that is not just for your home aesthetic effect, but also for a strong and durable fence that will make your home or yard outstand with others. What is good about this colorbond fence is that, you can learn to install it by yourself for your home or lawn. If you want to learn how to install this type of fences, here are the step by step processes on how to setup a colorbond fence for your home.

1. Where you plan to put it – determine where you want to put the fence, it would be suitable to place it in a sloping part of a soil as it will hold more the fence. But before installing it, you need to scrape it first. If there is uneven part where you will put the fence, a vertical slitting is a must especially if the slope has a height of 1in 8.

2. Securing the post Corner - Make sure that all ends are secured and tightened. This process may vary on the kind of dimension of the fence that you are using.

3. Decrease the fence at the front of your Home - It is highly advice that you decrease or cut down the height of your fence that you will use in your front yard. You can cut it according to the instruction for the uneven slopes section.

4. Putting the fill in sheets - Now here is the real work, when you are ready to put the fence in your place.

- You must put the bottom part of it in between the post so you can know where the next location of the next post should be.

- Make adjustment to its bottom part so you can achieve the correct height. Leave a gap between the fence and the ground having the minimum measurement of 50 mm.

- Put the screw to fix it up in its place.

- In this phase, you must put the top part of the fence and put screw on both sides of the post. You should make sure that the screws put in it is not tightened so much, because it will be removed when you already need to insert the sheets. Also take note that the top part of it should be fixed to 2mm above to avoid injuries.

- Repeat the procedure until you reach the length you want to have.

- Let the concrete dry for overnight, in some area it may take longer period of time before it gets dry.

- Remove the screw you put in the top part of the fence and remove it too.

- Try the infill sheets if it’s good enough for the bottom part and to make sure that the space it covers is right.

- Then place again the top part of the fence putting it from one end to the other.

- Make sure that the top part is secure by putting the screws in it tightly

- Clean it up to remove any residue; it may be a residue from drilling or leftover parts from nibbling procedure using a hose. Then check its installation.

This might be simple and easy to accomplish but there are certain installation that requires the assistance of an expert. Furthermore, having the information provided above, you can have a better understanding on how colorbond fencing installation really works.

Fencing is an essential for your home and family protection. If you need any information or tips on building up or putting up your fence just visit Fencing Perth.


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