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Sash Windows: A Timeless Design Favoured in Modern Builds


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Sash windows have proven to be timeless. That dependable design has been a mainstay in home building for centuries. Most older residences in the UK were originally built with them, and most new construction is likely to favour the classic appeal of sash windows as well. The ingenious design of opening allowance at both the top and bottom of a sash window provides you with fresh, cooler air admittance from below and lets warmer air escape from above. One of the Laws of Thermodynamics, the most basic of which is that of heat rising and cool sinking, dates back to the beginning of seventeenth century and gave rise to the practical design of the sliding sash window. Because of the durability and sustainability of this style and design, many period homes even now have their original sash windows that have been well managed and are in fantastic working shape. Modern technology has actually been able to continue to be true to the original design of these kind of windows while advancing more energy-efficient, more secure, and more convenient models of the wooden sash window.

Typically these windows, also referred to as box sash or sliding sash, slide up and down, and the original style was generally a single-glazed appearance of various numbers of window panes above and beneath, very often six-over-six. They are hung in a boxed opening, and their functionality is executed by a balancing system of counterweights, pulleys, and cords or maybe chains that are located in hollowed out spaces surrounding the window box. They initially appeared in European countries in the latter part of the 17th century and had been the most typical form of window style to be installed in new construction at the time. Georgian and Victorian architectural designs made use of it more or less exclusively to attain the well-balanced symmetry and proportion typical for the periods, and modern home plans centred on these designs are continually incorporating the reputable, useful sash window.

The most recent windows being manufactured nowadays stick to the original design and physical appearance integrity but now feature the guidelines of the latest energy-saving initiatives determined by the EC, with various energy-efficient glazing selections that significantly lessen the level of heat transmission losses through windows. The timber frames are protected using the most progressive and eco favourable finishes, with the applying of micro-porous, not-toxic paint in numerous coats that will endure for years. The current paints and lacquers employed in the production of pre-finished windows are free of formaldehyde or additional hazardous substances and carry the well-respected “Blue Angel" tag, which has been in existence ever since the late seventies and does apply to organic and natural, non-toxic substances, including paint finishes trustworthy enough for children's toys.

Yet another updated timber treatment in the production process of sash windows is the impregnation of linseed oil to protect against problematic wood ailments, such as blue stain and soft rot. Linseed oil is a good green friendly option to the unforgiving chemicals utilized throughout the past to avoid these types of issues, and it's usage is in accordance with the EU Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC. These modern-day developments provide to improve and safeguard the all-natural beauty of wooden sash windows at the same time improving and protecting the natural environment. Deciding on sash windows suppliers and expert installers from a reputable joinery supports careful, responsible businesses and will ensure that this product and installation is best quality. Wooden sash windows have invariably been good; these days they are better than ever.

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How to Care for your Sash Windows
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