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How I Managed to Cool Down My Conservatory

Jason Smith

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Recently I brought a house with a huge south facing Edwardian style conservatory build onto it. When we viewed the house and say the conservatory we thought it would be a great social and relaxation area for us and the kids. However we could not be further from the truth. The room on any given sunny summer day becomes like a sauna.

When the sun shines through the roof glazing temperatures in the conservative have been know to reach a whooping 120 Degrees which is unbearable. On one side of the conservatory is a false wall which we had built and placed a TV on it. What a waste of money that was, with the heat of the rooms aside, the sheer glare from the sun thought the window panes is so extremely harsh that it makes viewing the TV screen almost impossible. We can’t ever read of use the laptop in the rooms as the glare so strong is causes major eyestrain.

To top this all off the lovely brand new furniture we had purchased for the room has actually started to fade in colour because of the direct UV rays they are exposed to in the room. But the fun does not stop there, in the winter months the conservatory’s temperature then seems to fall to near freezing. Let’s just say this gorgeous well light room is one of the most uncomfortable rooms in the house in any temperature and currently has no use part from as a storage room – and ever then we have to cover everything to prevent sun damage and further fading.

So how did we resolve are problem I hear you asking? We initially considered traditional blinds but found that even though they provided protection against the glare we has experiencing, they still didn’t seem to tackle the biggest issue which was the build up of intense heat on sunny days. Technically we discovered that the blinds actually trapped the suns heat between the blind and the glass which created a layer of hot air and therefore lead to the room heating up.

Not only that but it we decided that blinds really also removed the whole point of have a conservatory. The blinds removed the glare which was great, but in the process darkened the whole room and reduces the natural light entering the conservatory. Also this obscures our view of our lovely garden and the field that backs onto our land. Another opinion was an air conditioning system, until the nice salesman told me the price, and after recovering from the shock, I politely showed him the door.

But finally we found the solution, and it didn’t involve me having to re-mortgage the house – solar window film. Once the conservatory film was used on our conservatory windows it provided almost complete protection from the sun’s rays both in terms of the heat generated by them and the glare they created. Now we can sit and relax and watch the TV in our conservatory without profusely sweating. We have a conservatory we can use at last without the need for sun glasses or fear of sun damage to the new and extremely expensive furniture we have in there.

But the benefits of the solar window film don’t stop there the window film also strengthens the windows in the conservatory by adding an extra layer of protection to the glass which makes the glass and roofing harder to smash or shatter. The window film also gives us a little bit more privacy from prying eyes without affecting our view of the garden and adjoining field.

All in all the solar window film we have on our conservatory now has given us the luxury of our conservatory back and it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg to do so. So if your looking to cool down you conservatory, eliminate glare and/or have extra privacy and protection then I would suggest you get on the internet or go out and find a company in your local area that provides this service and start to enjoy the confronts of a conservatory again.

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