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Types of Window Blinds


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Window blinds are used to cover windows. These are usually made up of long strips of fabric or rigid material. Blind blocks the view that is why it is called a blind. Window blinds reduce the heat from sunlight. Reeds have also been used as blinds by ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Windows blind can be manually operated or by switch or remote control.

There are various types of window blinds available nowadays. The main categories are:

Solid Blinds
Solid blinds are commonly known as shades because they can only be raised or lowered.

Slat Blinds
The most common variety is the slat blind. Slat blinds are made up of metal or vinyl horizontal slats connected with strings in such a way that allows these slats to rotate and light can pass through. Slats are rotated up to 170 degrees to stop the light to come in or pulled up to completely uncover the windows. Slat blinds can also be used in horizontal direction. Vertical blinds consist of slats of stiffened fabric, plastic or metal hanging from one end to the other end. Slats are rotated up to 90 degrees to allow the light to pass and it can be folded to one side of door to uncover it completely. Vertical blinds are good because they can effectively control how much natural or exterior light come in to a room, because slats can also be closed tightly.

Venetian blinds are the blinds with horizontal slats, one slat above another. They are hanging through strips of clothes or by cords that are able to pick them up together to 180 degrees. They can be set in 3 different ways:

* Overlapping with one side facing inwards
* Overlapping with other side facing inwards
* No overlapping at all facing one side inwards

There are holes in each slat to pass the lift cord from each slat. To open the blinds these lift cords are pulled and the bottom of the blinds moves upward due to this slats stacked on each other as the blind is raised. Venetian blinds are usually of metal or plastic. Slat width ranges from 16-120 mm commonly slat's width is 50mm.

Some other varieties of window blinds also exist. These include mini blinds These are the Venetian blinds with very narrow slat 1"approximately 25mm wide, micro blinds (12mm wide), louers, jalousies, brise soleil, Holland blinds, pleated blinds, honeycomb blinds, Roman shades and roller shades.

Automobile Blinds
Automobile blinds are used in cars to protect from sun. These blinds are very easy to use. They can be attached with brackets on windows or on front glass. Suction cups and Static clings are used to attach blinds on car windows and front and back glass.

Materials Used to Make Window Blinds

Blinds can be made from a variety of materials and in number of different ways. Fabric and wood are the most common materials that are used to make blinds.

Fabric made blinds include Roman blinds, Roller blinds, Austrian blinds.

Wood blinds include Venetian blinds and Pinoleum blinds.

Blinds can be made with materials other than wood and fabric, such as materials resembling to wood, metal, or plastic and man made synthetic materials.

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