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Vertical Blinds and Shades For Your Home


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In interior decorating, there are many different options in blinds and shades. By learning more about the different colors, styles, and fabrics, you can better determine which ones will work best in your room, your home, and your own interior decorating style.

1. Roman. Roman shades consist of a rectangle shaped fabric panel that is a flat panel when lowered and when raised, rises in folds that can be hidden by the window frame.

2. Cascade. Cascade shades are very similar to Roman shades, except that they fold up in an irregular fashion resembling a cascade. They offer your windows softness and elegance that is well suited for more formal rooms and homes.

3. Roller. Roller shades are a flat shade that was very popular in the last few decades. The vinyl material rolls up and down on a stick that is spring activated. The most common roller shades come in white or tan, but other colors and designs are available that can help to add life and beauty to your windows in place of drapery. The hem of the roller shades helps to add visual interest and appeal. From scalloped hems to uneven hems and more, you will be delighted at the detail that a hem can add.

4. Balloon. Balloon shades are constructed of a fabric panel that when raised, gathers in irregular scallops that add great beauty to a room. These panels can be raised in irregular folds and a hem can be added for additional beauty. Fan. Again, these are a flat panel of fabric, similar to the cascade. Where the cascade is pulled up by drawstrings on either side, the fan is pulled up with a drawstring in the center. By lowering the panel full down and then pulling it partially up, you create a fan shape of folds across the bottom of the shade. This shade leaves the bottom portion of the window exposed to allow in light and air.

5. Skirted balloon. A skirted balloon shade features the same look of the balloon shade, but has a flat panel on the bottom that resembles a skirt. The folds on the balloon shade falls against the flat panel of fabric.

6. Tailed balloon. Tailed balloon shades are made much like the balloon panels, except that the side drawstrings are not used. This allows the center of the shade to raise in soft fold and the outsides hang, much like a tail.

7. Pleated. The pleated shade features pleats that are permanent. These are normally made of stiffened fabric or folded paper.

8. Fan. The fan shade features a flat panel of fabric that is much like the cascade shade. The difference comes in with the gathering of the folds. In the fan shade, the folds are gathered into fan-like folds. This allows the bottom part of the window to stay open for light and air exposure.

9. Austrian. The Austrian window shade is made very much like the balloon shade. In it, the fabric is twice the length as the balloon shade and then the folds are gathered to create a tall and elegant window shade.

10. Cloud. The cloud shades are another variation on the every-popular balloon shade. It gives a soft and different effect than the balloon shade.

You can add embellishments to the bottom of the shades or vertical blinds instead of hems. This can include fringe, ribbons, rickrack, tassels, and more to give your shades a new and exciting look and feel.

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