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Choosing the Correct Window Blinds for The Bathroom

Harwood E Woodpecker

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Over the past 10 years or so design fashion has been more of a less fussy, minimalistic style and this has filtered down to the way we furnish and design our homes. For so long the trend for window furnishing was a standard net type curtain and a fairly standard drape curtain covering the window aperture.

Today we live in a very clean and crisp design world. Everything is designed to create a minimum amount of work for the consumer and to be able to slot straight into a market place.

But times have moved on and fashions have changed. As well as this curtains do not sit well in every room, for instance the bathroom or the kitchen.
Curtains in the kitchen tend to get very dirty very quickly and the fabric of the drape holds any odour in the atmosphere from whatever has been cooked.

The bathroom offers up a different problem. Drapes and curtains will soak up moisture in the air from the bathroom and become musty and eventually go mouldy. The answer to both problems is using a blind to cover the window. Bathroom blinds are available in many colours and designs but by a long way the roller blind is the most popular blind for the bathroom.

The bathroom roller blind is easily installed and are available in many sizes to fit most sizes of window. Bathroom roller blinds usually only need to be sponged down to be cleaned and are much easier to keep clean and mould free than other window coverings.

Bathroom window blinds are fitted by the means of a head rail cassette unit which houses the blind and the working mechanism. The blind rolls back up inside itself when closed. The continuous cord loop choice helps you lift large, heavy shades with fewer endeavours.
Most blinds are easy to fit and are easy to trim to your exact size. Full trimming and adjustment instructions are provided with every blind, and are generally very easy to follow.

The interior cladding side of the blind is light textured, unintelligible polyester which comes in a broad range of decorator colours.

When the blind is brocaded the full braking force from the brake device must incidentally be overcome but the bringing up movement, which is supported by the take shape bias of the crimper, this keeps the blind taut when in use. Bathroom window blind needs to be able to keep light out as well as stop people being able to see into the bathroom, for this the particular fabrics they are made from have a high denseness ensuring intimacy.

Other than the standard bathroom roller blind there are other alternatives available for the bathroom but the roller is by far and away the most popular for the above mentioned reasons, but if you wanted to be different you can use pleated blinds or venetian blinds, both of which are easy to maintain and are up to the job but may offer a bit less intimacy.

I try to pass on my musings on life and experiences in a way that people may find interesting to read.
Bathroom Blinds
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Harwood E Woodpecker


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