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Window Blind Cleaning - Four Great Ways For You To Clean Your Window Blinds


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Vertical blinds or as you might know them as Venetian blinds look great and are very popular these days, but they can be a real pain if you don't keep them clean. Leave them and the dust will build up and be much harder to clean.

The problem is that the sun light will charge up the dust so it becomes more attractive to other dust particles, and if they are in a kitchen environment where you will also get evaporated grease and steam in the air you will get if not attended to a nasty mess that sticks like glue.

So regular maintenance is the key to keeping your Venetian blinds looking great.

1. I have been in the cleaning business for many years and have had the pleasure of what we call in the business the “white glove check" this is where your client normally in commercial work will check that standards are acceptable. Going around with white cotton glove check for dust. Well cotton will attract dust so it's a great way to clean your blinds and it will save you getting any cuts if they are sharp

2. Next on our list is a lamb's wool duster these are just great and we use them all the time. You can get then where there can clean more than one blind at a time.

3. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment works really well if you have high levels of dust. As you don't want to put the dust back into the air again as it will just land on the blinds again.

4. Damp wiping, you must be careful here not to use too much detergent in your water as this can leave a residue behind that next time you go to clean will have made the dry dust stick. The reason is that it will heat up with sun light and then trap the dust.

I hope this helps you maintain your blinds and that you can get many year use from them. If you do in trouble there are professional cleaners that use ultra sound tanks that work really great, these are few and far between in the UK but in the USA can be found very easily

About the Author

Ian Harper owns and operates a carpet cleaning company, which specialises in the Bio and Eco friendly cleaning of carpets, and soft furnishings, using the most up-to-date efficient methods and micro-splitting, detergent-free, bleach-free solutions. You can learn more about these technologies by visiting the website for his Carpet Cleaners Network .


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