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Accomplishing 2 Goals with Useful Sewage Treatment

Deanie Canales

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Water is life. Water plays a necessary role in society and in every living organism- human, plants and animals. Obviously, there's a need to get an enough supply of safe and clean water for society not to mention keep the world healthy for the future inhabitants. There is simply about 1% of all of the water on this planet that can be used as being a source of fresh drinkable water. With this, calculate the amount of living organisms and the amount of water needed. Taking the initiative to conduct sewage treatment is very important to provide life to living things.

Often, wastewater, as the name suggests, is taken into account being another waste. A great deal of this waste in the atmosphere could inflict damage towards the environment. Wastewater are available at home through domestic waste and outside of home through industrial, municipal and commercial wastes. The elimination of contaminants from water in making it clean and safe to be used again describes sewage treatment. The complete procedure has not changed that much in history. There are 2 objectives which have to be achieved in the process: first is to maintain a steady supply of clean water for the community and second is to keep damaging chemicals from destroying the environment.

In general the process follows four phases:

Physical level

There are different ways to do this however the result is practically identical; separation of liquid from the solid particles. A great deal of this waste in the atmosphere could inflict damage towards the environment. Wastewater are available at home through domestic waste and outside of home through industrial, municipal and commercial wastes. Usually the heavy solid particles will sink at the bottom while the liquid remains on top where it can be removed without difficulty for ozone treatment or ultraviolet treatment.

Chemical treatment

The separated liquid will now undergo a chemical process where chlorine, most commonly used oxidizing chemical, clears the water from bacteria and other microorganism. Another method for oxidation is employing ozone to transform the liquid part of wastewater safe for use. Industrial procedure for chemical treatment involves neutralization process. This is finished by utilizing a base or acid to amend the pH level of the liquid until it reaches the neutral level.

Biological level

The biological level makes use of bacteria or even microorganisms for treating wastewater. These organisms will consume all organic matter present to convert them into carbon dioxide. It can be done anaerobically by way of fermentation.

The use of ozone technology* for water purification is usually carried out because of its many benefits e. g. removal of odor and color. In big settlements where a big volume of wastewater is anticipated, it is only imperative to ensure an efficient management of wastewater as this may occasionally bring hazard to the community and even dispose an infinite amount of clean water which can still be recycled.

The great attraction of the Biozone system is that the treated sewage water is safe to use for irrigation, reintroducing in to rivers or dams, or even in to the house flush systems. For more details on sewage water treatment please visit ozone water purifier website.


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