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Power Tools Does He Need So Many?


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If you're concerned about an overabundance of power tools flooding the garage - don't be. Just as you need an abundance of shoes -heels, flats, boots, sneakers, and sandals - all in various colors and styles, your husband needs those power tools. Just as you wouldn't wear your sneakers with a summer dress, your husband certainly wouldn't use a miter saw to do a circular saw job.

For even the most basic of home improvement or hobby projects, a minimum four or five power tools are necessary for the job. And that's just the bare minimum. More complex jobs might require a dozen or more specialized tools.

Although it may seem like a drill and a hammer can perform just about any job, in reality there are not as many versatile, multi-use tools as you might think. A circular saw can cut straight lines and not much else. It can't get into small corners, cut through very heavy materials, or give you smooth clean lines.

A miter saw can cut corners, but it can't make intricate cuts or saw a large plank in half. You'll need a jigsaw for more detailed cutting work that neither of these saws are fit to perform - and all three of these actions will be necessary just to cut a new frame for a door. And that's just the cutting part.

To put together an entire project, he'll need two guns-nail and staple. A nail gun may seem useless. He has a hammer after all, right? Hammers can't get a job done quickly, are not as accurate, and can't be manipulated to adjust to odd angles. They also tend to hit thumbs more often than wood. The other gun, a staple gun, is a must for most upholstering or carpeting jobs. Nails destroy fabric and can't be camouflaged as easily.

Then there is the drill. Electric drills are the cornerstone of any toolbox, able to tighten nuts and bolts far better than performing the job manually. Some men find that they need an extra battery pack or both a corded and cordless version. Because drills are used so heavily, having a backup is always a good plan.

Have a bracelet that accessorizes your favorite shoes? Well, he needs accessories for his power tools as well. So while he may only own five or six power tools, it may seem like ten times as many due to additional but necessary equipment.

A drill needs many different sized and shaped bits to perform different jobs. Nail guns, staple guns, and spray paint guns will need an air compressor to power them (which often take up a good amount of space). Vices, tables, clamps, cords, sawhorses, and battery packs all come as part of the package.

So before you decide to dump all of his power tools, consider helping him organize and simplify them instead. Throw out old power tools that no longer work and toss the accessories that aren't a necessity. Or perhaps just have him use his tools to build you a new shoe rack.

Even the most basic of home improvement projects need a minimum four or five power tools, Makita . You can buy some of them for your husband's next home improvement project. Visit to learn more.


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