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Tips on Proper Pool Maintenance

Kamil Jain

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Even though weekly pool maintenance shouldn’t be such a daunting task, every homeowner needs some knowledge on what needs to be done at any one time. Many homeowners pay for residential pool maintenance so that someone professional can take good care of their investment so they can continue to enjoy family fun-time. Having some knowledge of what the pool maintenance technician does when they come visiting will help to increase the lifespan of the pool and at the end of the day it will save you some good amount of money as well. One great mistake that is done by those who try do-it-yourself pool cleaning is the failure to clean the skimmer basket or the hair and lint pot on a regular basis. When you let these gadgets get filled with debris the result is poor circulation which will lead to larger problems with other related equipment.

Proper weekly pool maintenance demands that you always make sure the pool walls are clean. When the surfaces are not kept clean they promote the growth and buildup of algae; a professional pool maintenance technician should be able to help you out. Your swimming pool’s chemistry should be checked at least twice during the busy period such as summer and perhaps once in winter. Your pool chemical supplier will be able check and fine tune the chemical balance as you go along. When this part of pool maintenance is left unchecked for too long, you will eventually end up requiring larger doses of chemicals to fix the problem and waiting for a longer time away from the pool to allow things to settle.

There are swimming pool owners who forget to ensure that cells in the salt water system are cleaned on a regular basis; when the cells are allowed to become calcified or corroded they don’t produce the required amount of chlorine; you need to use a salt chlorinator water conditioner to keep them clear. Some people also make the mistake of adding pool chemicals during the heat of the day; the best time for adding chemicals is during the night when they cannot be dissipated by the sun. You should also avoid backwashing the DE filter or the sand too often; besides wasting water, the filter is never allowed to work optimally.

Swimming pool owners who fail to do pool pump service allow the pump cause the pump to eventually perform below the required standards. Correct water circulation is an important part of effective pool maintenance ; your pool should run for at least one hour for every 10 degrees of temperature. Last but not east, you should never allow the water levels to drop too low; this could cause the pool pump to draw in air instead of water and cause a serious breakdown that will easily allow an explosion of algae growth. Water levels need to be monitored by a professional pool maintenance technician once every month and any adjustments made without delay; always remember to shock the pool after heavy use.


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The Importance of Weekly Pool Maintenance
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