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Whats the Cost of a Sauna


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Specifically, what is the cost of a 4 person sauna. This is a larger sauna that is built for 4 people and typically will be installed in the corner of a room due to it's size and shape. There are many different standard models of the 4 person sauna or you can have one custom designed. Naturally the custom option is more expensive, but it is sometimes what is needed given the buyers’ needs and space considerations. Either way, if you've got a large family or group of friends a larger 4 person sauna is just what you'll want.

To get a deep relaxing heat throughout the entire sauna the 4 person sauna comes with multiple heating units, sometimes as many as 10, installed form the floor to the ceiling of the sauna. There are many families these days who are enjoying the health benefits and stress reduction that comes from having your own sauna.

If you're considering buying a 4 person sauna it's best that you don't cut corners on major factors like the material the sauna is constructed from. The best saunas are made from either Burmese hemlock or more commonly cedar. Both types of wood are fine grained and have a smooth texture that will keep the wood from absorbing moisture and cracking or warping.

Expect to pay $4000 and up for a quality 4 person sauna made in the U. S. You can find cheaper saunas that are made in Chine, but the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship are usually inferior to the U. S. made saunas. You'll find that even the design of Chinese saunas is inferior to the U. S. models. Because of the lower quality of these saunas you'll get less benefit from the heat and steam of the sauna.

When looking at the heating plates in the sauna the most common material you'll find is ceramic. You may also find heating units made from aluminum or carbon, however ceramic is generally regarded as superior for its heat emitting properties. Check to see how many heating plates are in the sauna you're considering. A 4 person sauna should have a minimum of 6 heating plates to ensure even and all over heat distribution.

If you want your whole family to enjoy the relaxation, stress reduction and other benefits of a sauna then a quality 4 person sauna is just the thing for you and your family. Take the time to investigate various models and make yourself familiar with the differences between various types of saunas and you'll be sure to find the perfect sauna for all of you.

Learn more about how to buy a sauna and the spacious 4 person sauna at the authors website.


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