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The 10 x 12 Shed,Rubbermaid Sheds or a Lean To Shed-Which Is Best for You?

Gorry Terry

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When it comes to solving your storage solutions there are a huge number of choices available to you including a pretty standard lean to shed, a 10 X 12 storage shed or perhaps a more ambitious project involving barn building plans. Lets look at many of the options to help you solve your storage requirements.

10 X 12 Storage Shed

A 10 X 12 storage shed is a very common solution to most people’s storage needs and can be erected pretty easily with the help of a few friends or neighbours and a good set of plans. If you simply need some extra space to accommodate a lot of junk that has built up in your house over the years then the 10 X 12 shed might be a good choice. You can also buy prefabricated shed kits from many suppliers and simply assemble according to the step by step plans which you must insist are included in the package when you buy your shed kit.

The 10 x 12 shed may be more than adequate if your needs are merely for your lawn mower and some gardening stuff from the house to give you a little more space. And you can also get a 10 x 12 shed made from vinyl, plastic, metal and many other materials which for the diy challenged can be one of the better solutions.

Lean To Shed

A humble lean to shed may come at the bottom of the shed food chain but it is certainly very functional and practical as it can be an ideal solution for you if you are tight for space and just need some place to store firewood over the winter. The cost of a lean to shed should generally be much less than most storage sheds and you could even make one from old pallets and thrown away lumber If the purpose of your shed is to keep your firewood dry and protected from the elements.

However many farmers use a more sophisticated version of a lean to shed for protecting their livestock from the elements and the natural 3 sided design of a lean to shed ensures that the animals are well ventilated whilst sheltering which reduces the chance of disease being borne from animal to animal.

In conclusion whether you choose the lean to shed or the stand alone 10 X 12 shed will depend on your needs and your budget; perhaps a good solution would be to tackle a lean to shed project first and see how you go and progress then if you wish to more ambitious projects such as barn building and more ambitious storage shed solutions.

Rubbermaid Sheds

You may also prefer to go for a more convenient solution such as a Rubbermaid shed which can be assembled pretty easily even by someone as limited as I am with diy. Plastic and vinyl sheds offer a lot of advantages, not least the fact that they are practically maintenance free and don't rot, rust or dinge. However many people prefer the choices available from building their own wooden shed with it's range of roof options and pleasing aesthetics.

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How To Build A Shed: Help on Building Your own personal Shed in your own home
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